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Monday, March 2, 2009

Clutch #3. stressed + lazy = more stress.

Ugggh. I know I have bills I need to pay and I'm not really sure when everything is due and I'm too lazy/afraid to check. I keep putting it off. Tomorrow I WILL do it (maybe?).

My mom came in my room today to talk to me about something probably lame and pointless and said "Cool music!" in reference to Portishead.



I sewed my third clutch. I made it with thrifted fabric with ruffles (of course) and a small little chain that I strung with glass beads. I found an old shoebox of sewing notions (I love that word "notions") and used some snaps that I think are from the 60's or so to use as closures for my clutches. The package says it was 29 cents for 7 snaps.

Some beezy who bought some of my clothes off ebay has still not paid me yet ):

I finished my owl ATC's for a swap-bot swap.


To Do List for Tomorrow:
post office (send ebay packages and possibly buy bette davis stamps)
buy diet coke
call doctor re: wellbutrin
exercise of some kind (since I apparently cannot stop eating, I must start exercising)


Susan said...

Love the clutch! You are very talented. I'm reallly enjoying your blog.
Susan (palmettostate on swap-bot)

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