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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Really Embarrassing Moment

Oh god. I had forgot this even happened to me today until just a minute ago. I'm not even sure how to tell this story.


Whisper this over and over: Sarah ... Sarah ... Sarah... Sarah ...

Did you do it? Outloud? You have to do it outloud.

Obviously that is my name. And if I happened to be in a public place, say, in line at the post office, it would be only natural for me to turn and look for the person who kept whispering my name right?

I turned to look and saw about three people. I didn't recognize any of the faces. Plus, none of their mouths were moving. Yet I still heard my name being whispered over and over.


Who the hell was whispering my name??

oh. OHH. OH NO!!!

I am the worst person in the world!

It was an older gentleman's oxygen! The sound of his oxygen supply was coming out in little bursts and somehow each little spurt of air made a sound that I swear to god sounded exactly like Sarah. Sarah. Sarah. Sarah. Sarah.

I realized my embarrassing situation and accidentally made eye contact with the old man for a split second before turning to face forward and willing the line to move faster.

I'm sure all the other people in line were like "That bitch is STARING at the poor old man with the oxygen tank! Learn some manners, woman!"

omg. Most awkward moment I've had in a long long time.


insomniaclolita said...

omg that happens. I cant help looking away at stuff when I know i really shouldnt look in the first place too. You're not alone.*hugs*

Meme said...

Well, it better than thinking you are insane.
When I know I shouldn't look, my look even more...It sucks.
Find comfort that you are not alone everyone has embarrasing moments, at least on one you knew was there.

Sarahahaha said...

Ugh. It was terrible. lol thanks though. But I think if someone else HAD been there I think it would have at least validated that in fact his oxygen was saying my name.

Gwen B. (aka skinny bitch) said...

Sounds like a totally awkward tuesday! That sucks. I hear shit like that some time and I think I am going crazy and everyone around probably think I look special darting my head every way to find out where that noise is coming from when it's like.... the wind or something.

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