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Friday, March 6, 2009

French bread, dreaming in color, & super kawaii treasury

Yesterday all I ate was 1 entire loaf of French bread. At first I thought I was bingeing terribly, but if my calculations are correct, it was 1650 calories. Which for a whole day is entirely reasonable. I am aware that white bread as your sole source of nutrition is a pretty bad idea.

My mom has been dieting and it stresses me out how self-conscious she is. Anytime she's making food she's all, "DON'T JUDGE ME!" which is funny because I always feel judged and criticized by her about my own eating.

The more I go to therapy, the angrier I get about my mother. I really hope she doesn't read this blog.

Uhh ... anyway. I got up this morning to check out the Just Cavalli sale at but it was entirely boring. So was the 7 For All Mankind sale.

Last night I called my friend/the love of my life Peter and we talked about dreams. He's under the impression some people dream in black and white. I told him I thought that was just a myth. So I just googled it and (obvs the first result in Google is the Truth) came up with this very interesting article about it. Plus look at the very bottom of the page. Below the profound thought about colorblind people. The link title made me LOL.

I'm going back to bed now to try and dream about colors.

PS: Check out my first etsy "treasury" and click through to some of the pictures. I finally curated one! It's super kawaii! lolz. click here to view.


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