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Thursday, July 30, 2009


I keep watching this over and over again.

Today is only supposed to be 84 degrees. Hooray! I thought about celebrating with a cup of hot cocoa or something. I saw a psychiatrist today (the second time I've seen a psychiatrist [or possibly third?]). More about that later.

I think I may go wash my car now.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Aaahh! Real Monsters

i'm in no financial position to be shopping, but i got an email that was having a sale! Up to 70% off so I checked it out and it's pretty good! Click here to go directly to the sale.

These two pairs of sandals caught my eye:

Since it's been so hot I've been turning my computer off during the day and lying around downstairs trying not to die (laugh all you want, Stephanie). Anyway, it's been good as I've made a few drawings that I like. I've been drawing monsters!


I am really nauseous for some reason today. I had a dentist appointment which I cancelled. And now I'm going to go lie down in the fetal position in misery. Ciao!

[edited to add these other monsters!]





Tuesday, July 28, 2009


It's too fucking hot. all the blinds and shades in my house are drawn in an attempt to block out the heat. By the time I woke up it was already 81 degrees inside (and that's just the temp downstairs, my room is upstairs). Anyway, I went outside to take some pictures of my new scrunchies I made. It's way too hot outside, but the natural light was a good thing.


I'm proud of my computer for withstanding this heat. But I need to go bathe in ice cubes or something now. Ciao!

Monday, July 27, 2009

mostly just pictures and links just told me it's 91 degrees. This is unacceptable. So I'm just doing a pictures and links blog post today. Things I've seen lately, things I've had bookmarked for awhile.

Here is a very abridged list of things I like/look interesting to me:

friendswithyou prints


green tea panda bread

illustration that reminds me of cigarette vending machines in japan

to don't list

color scheme designer

Sunday, July 26, 2009

when did your heart go missing

I listened to Season 1 and 2 of Gossip Girl's soundtracks. These are a few of my faves:

Love don't come so easily
This doesn't have to end in tragedy
I have you and you have me
We're one in a million
Why can't you see?

I'm waiting, waiting for nothing
You're leaving, leaving me hanging
When did your heart go missing?
When did your heart go missing?
I treat you like a princess
But your life is just one big mess
When did your heart go missing?
When did your heart go missing, yeah?

I meant every word I said
I never was lying when we talked in bed
I'm retracing every step in my head
What did I miss back then?
I was so, so misled

I'm waiting, waiting for nothing
You're leaving, leaving me hanging
When did your heart go missing?
When did your heart go missing?
I treat you like a princess
But your life is just one big mess
When did your heart go missing?
When did your heart go missing?

I don't understand
How could you forget what we had,
It's so wrong

I'm waiting, waiting for nothing
You're leaving, leaving me hanging
When did your heart go missing?
When did your heart go missing?
I treat you like a princess
But your life is just one big mess
When did your heart go missing?
When did your heart go missing?

Things were so good
We had a little dream
A little dream together
Buy a house, settle down, do our thing
But you disappeared on me
And your heart, your heart went missin'
I don't know how to find it
I don't know where it is
I don't know where your heart went
It was here just the other day
Now it's gone
I'm gonna call the police
Call the investigator, the heart investigator

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

blueberry shoes

The winner I picked [if you didn't see the vlog I posted yesterday] is blueberry shoes! Congrats to her and if you haven't checked out her blog or her etsy, I highly recommend it! She has very cool vintage and handmade things and makes some sweet illustrations.

What should the next giveaway be? Did you vote on the poll over there? --->

Michael says the giveaway should be that I write a song about the winner. I think this is a terrible idea. (:

Monday, July 20, 2009

VLOG: The Winner of my Giveaway Clutch!

But first! How to tie a full Windsor knot. Easy step-by-step tutorial on how to tie a tie and then I draw the winner's name from a fishbowl.

Tomorrow I'll announce the winner in text in case some of you can't watch videos/don't want to watch my awesome video.

Windsor Knot Tutorial and Second Blog Giveaway from Polygnome on Vimeo.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Giveaway Reminder

Hello! Today is the last day to enter my giveaway for this clutch:

I will be accepting entries until midnight tonight PST and tomorrow (hopefully) I'll announce the winner. If I don't get around to doing it tomorrow, I promise I'll do it by Tuesday!

Go enter here if you haven't already!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

archive from 2005 + nsfw picture

Here is a picture of me in my first apartment:

I was heavier then, but looking back, I like how "womanly" I look. Please excuse the fact that I'm in underwear and 4" patent leather peeptoe heels. (:

reading some of my old entries from my previous blogs. i found this one:

testing the limits of something i've never trusted
it's not worth what you're getting for it
why bother?

i'm growing up, and it's fucking exciting.

I had just moved into my first apartment in Seattle, it was summer and the weather was so pretty and I would walk to my one painting class I had at SCCC or to the grocery store or to work. I spent a lot of time hanging out with 3 friends and we could never plan things to do that sounded fun but we always ended up doing something random and silly and enjoying ourselves. But the journal entry was about more than that. I thought at the time that I was about to find out who I was and feel comfortable with who I was because I had Asian friends for the first time and I lived by myself and could pretty much do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted to. I threw up the first day I lived there (either because the city tap water was so nasty, or out of nervous excitement).

I had lots of hopes, like becoming comfortable with driving in the city (I miss that car). I still hate driving and it makes me completely panicky to drive in Seattle. I was completely uninterested in finding a boyfriend, but I liked feeling free to date or sleep with whoever I wanted. And I liked the feeling of people wanting to date me. There were a) just generally a higher number of guys b) a higher chance of finding a guy without a bad case of yellow fever. Despite the dating atmosphere being better than my tiny hometown, I still went on plenty of terrible dates, but I always thought it was kind of fun. I think a bad date is much more fun than an "okay" date because it makes a good story and I like to see ridiculous people in real life situations.

Anyway, that summer was the last time I felt any significant momentum in my life. It slowed once real school (SU) started in the fall and then eventually stopped during my senior year there. And my bf at the time pushed me to finish my winter quarter. He wrote a paper or maybe two for me and did all kinds of stuff or me even though he was going to school himself 100 miles away. That was the reason I passed my classes that quarter. By spring quarter, my last quarter, he was gone to Japan and with no one there to spoon feed me my homework, I gave up and dropped out six weeks before the quarter was over and I would've graduated.

By that time my coping skills were definitely no match for the elements in my life. I had pretty bad agoraphobia, and usually only left the house to get food or to go to counseling/health clinic appointments at school even though i had entirely stopped going to classes. I rarely answered my phone and mostly only talked to people via texts because it's less confrontational.

I'm realizing the coping skills I've developed are no match for reality. I need them though, desperately. Because without them, I think I might explode or implode, or walk out in the street naked and crazy or drive my car into the house.

Blah. I'm done for now.

new items!

I've finally gotten around to photographing and listing a few new items in my etsy shop. Also, relisted my favorite clutch, the "I didn't know when to stop" clutch!

Blue and Chartreuse Ruffled Clutch



Vintage Men's Lambswool Tie


Vintage Men's Red Silk Tie with Tiny Owls


I Didn't Know When to Stop Clutch

Also, don't forget that my giveaway [for the clutch below] ends this Sunday! Go here to enter. I totally appreciate those of you who've entered already and have been spreading the word! Thanks!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009


One of my fave color combinations!

If I was a dude, I'd dress like such a douchebag.

Polyvore is so much fun! It's like playing dress up without having body images issues because you're not actually trying things on. But you get to make outfits and shop by color or brand or category of items. So it's not quite as fun as real shopping, but it's pretty cool as far as internet window shopping goes.

So in an effort to try to climb out of this sinkhole they call "major depressive disorder" and I call "life" I started taking my anti-depressants again (last night). So I didn't fall asleep until about 9 this morning and then slept til 3:45 this afternoon. But I'm also going to start having a goal for every day. A tiny, completely reasonably accomplishable goal. Today's goal is to do laundry. So I'm going to go start that.

Or maybe put it off for a bit longer ... Ha!

Monday, July 13, 2009

awesome videos and giveaway reminder!

I found it over at galadarling which is a blog I'm new to reading, but so far it's pretty great!

Also, the video below is pretty cute too (found on lelelove):


And a reminder, my clutch giveaway contest ends July 19th, so get your entries in!

Anna Sui for Target & Gossip Girl

Target has collaborated with many designers. Alexander McQueen, Isaac Mizrahi, Philippe Starck, and Thakoon are some designers I can think of off the top of my head. I just read that Anna Sui is collaborating with Target with a line of clothes set to debut September 13.

I've got to say I like Target. I recently bought a set of Sonia Kashuk coral-handled makeup brushes there and I love them! I am not a big fan of Anna Sui, but apparently, her line for Target was inspired from GOSSIP GIRL--which I'm totes a fan of! Was the result any good? Eh ... in my opinion, it's not particularly amazing. "Blair's" outfits are my favorites, which is true for the show as well. The Cut mentions "Serena's clothes aren't nearly slutty enough!" Too true.

Also vaguely related, I was checking out today and the model for the BCBG sale looks eerily like Blair and Serena's lovechild.

Who's your favorite Gossip Girl character?

Finally made this ...

So I have had this in my mind for months now, and finally got down to actually making it. It's a case to hold your tampons. And it's shaped like a tampon. Simple idea, and I made it have a cute face so it's extra cute and creepy. Look at that expression! The flushed cheeks! Would work for as a pencil case or for makeup brushes too. The zipper pull is the string. Hahaha, gross.

Anyway, will list this soon, but etsy is down at the moment so you're getting a preview:

(Click to view larger)

Also have some more ideas for bloodier versions of this. I thought I'd start off on the safe side though! (:

oh PS, I googled "tampon" just to see what would come up, and I found this crazy tampon craft website. There is a tampon toupee tutorial. Seriously!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I got bored and it's 80 degrees ...

... so it makes sense that I played dress up in my fall/winter clothes right?

It started out by me trying on some of my vintage things to decide whether I should keep them or part with them via etsy. Then it morphed into a "I think I'll put on a wool coat and rhinestone covered sunglasses and do a photoshoot in the spare bedroom.

A little peek into my wardrobe; I'm wearing some of my favorite clothes, which I'm a little frustrated I can't wear because it's summer. And hot. And uncomfortable. Can't wait for fall!

Me embarrassing myself with silly pictures:

My Lady Gaga outfit. When in Japan I discovered the art of putting rhinestones on everything! These stunnershades were the result. Six sheets of rhinestones for cell phones! Thrifted white shirt. Belt I got from one of my friend's moms. Shiny black leggings from Express. Shoes: Dolce Vita.



You can't really tell from this photo, but this wool coat is amazing! It's reversible (the other side is light gray with black plaid stripes) and super warm and belted so it pretty much feels like you're wearing a cozy bathrobe.

I've never actually worn this outfit before! It's a good mix of things though, I think. The shirt I got on sale at Macy's (vaguely embarrassing to admit?), the scarf is thrifted, the jeans are Z Co. and have 2% spandex so they are super comfortable and they were pretty cheap (under $50) and they're GRAY--one of my fave colors. Okay and I'm also wearing a J. Crew tuxedo vest which I bought when I used to work there. We called it the slutty vest but it was really only slutty in comparison to the rest of their pieces which were super matronly [also only slutty when you wear it with no shirt underneath]. And my fave part of the outfit: white patent leather Casadei boots. I bought these I think three years ago off Bluefly. They were $300 fucking dollars and I had no business buying them, but I don't regret it! They're super comfortable for having stiletto heels and I think they're hot.


I bought this dress at BCBG in February when they were having a 70% off sale. I was going to wear it to Valentine's day dinner with the guy I was dating at the time, but I ended up wearing a different outfit instead because our dinner reservations were for 4:30pm. Okay, I'm a little disappointed I didn't get to wear it. Click here to read my blog from Valentine's Day.

Well that's all for now. If I were to post outfit pictures of what I wear on a day to day basis you would see me wearing possibly no pants/maybe boxers, wife beaters and hoodies if it's colder. I don't know why I love fashion so much but hate getting dressed!

*PS* If you haven't done so yet, enter my blog giveaway to win a free clutch! Here's how.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Finally! Blog Giveaway #2!!

Okay, it's finally here! Sorry the prize is still pretty much geared toward my female readers but I won't discriminate against anyone who wants to enter the contest! (:

Click pictures to view larger.




I have made an awesome clutch to give away this time. It's a big one, but perfect for tucking under your arm in the evening. The dimensions of the clutch are about 11" wide by 4.5" tall.

It's made of a dark canvas with a brocade style print. Then there are lots of individually hand cut leaves of gray, yellow and metallic gold. They are made of felt and leather and sewn layer upon layer to create what I think is a pretty interesting textural pattern.

It wasn't "zazzy" enough yet so I added black faceted gems!

The inside features two large compartments for cash or whatever other "large" things you want to put in it. There are also six credit card slots that I made out of the same metallic gold leather that some of the leaves are made of (I scored it at a thrift store). A little leaf detail inside. Snap closure.

Want to know anything else? Just ask.

Okay, so you may have just asked "How do I enter this giveaway?" Well here are the deets!

You can enter in multiple ways for a total of 3 entries:

1) Simply comment on this post!

2) Go to either of my etsy shops:
and leave a comment on this post with what your favorite item(s) are.

3) Blog about my contest with A LINK TO MY BLOG + MY ETSY PAGE please:

You have until the end of Sunday, July 19 to get your entries in! I'll announce the winner on the 20th (hopefully in a vlog again!). If you're the winner, I'll contact you for your address and ship it off to you totes free!

Let me know if I have somehow left out any important details, otherwise good luck!