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Friday, March 13, 2009

Etsy Sales

O hai.

You ever have those moments where you're doing something so pathetic that it's embarrassing even though no one else knows/notices? It's just embarrassing to yourself. Maybe that's called "shame." Hmm.

Anyway, I had one of those situations today. Earlier this week I FINALLY took my cowboy boots to get re-soled. I haven't worn them in years because there was a hole in the bottom of one of the soles and my foot would get wet ):

I'm ashamed to say, but honestly, I've pretty much been living off my credit cards for the last while, and I generally assume everywhere accepts cards. This shoe repair place is very Mom and Pop, and in fact, it's owned/run by a Korean couple so theoretically they COULD be my mom and pop. Haha. So when I walked in I noticed they only accept cash and checks. I don't carry checks around with me, and even if I did, it wouldn't have done me any good.

Long story short, I had to say I'd be right back, I needed to get some cash. And I spent an hour and a half driving around to the bank to withdraw $20 from my checking, to Safeway so I could buy a diet Coke and get $10 cash back ...

It was so bad I almost succumbed to retail therapy-ing on my way home. lol but I was able to resist.

Anyway, this leads me to my point which is I am conducting a sale in both my etsy stores, hoping to get some more traffic and hopefully some sales! Everything is 30% off or if you buy two items, take 50% off you're entire order (excluding shipping costs). You can order items from both my stores, too. So take a look, if you've been admiring my clutches, here's your chance to get one at 50% off which is a range of $25 - $60ish.

And if you're confused about how I set up the sale, just ask!

polysquaresale (clutches, jewelry (cards, some vintage)


Gwen B. (aka skinny bitch) said...

ha! I have to do that from time to time. I never have cash so when I have to pay friends back for a daquiri run or something I have to go to walgreens and buy candy just to get cash back since they don't have my bank around here!

Sarahahaha said...

Ugh, I know. Cash is such a strange thing to carry around in my wallet (:

insomniaclolita said...

LOl I've been in those situations a few times too. I like bringing cards, and beside if I bring a certain amount of cash, I'm always that tempted to blow it. Sigh.

Sarahahaha said...

actually, i think i'm okay with having cash on hand because i always forget it's in my wallet because i'm so used to NEVER having cash. lol

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