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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Survey Says + things of worth that I own are few and far between

Thank you very much if you voted on the little poll I had where I asked "If you had to wear one of these, which would you pick?" Sixteen people answered and the results were:

Uggs: 5
Crocs: 1
Skechers: 2
Juicy Couture Velour Track Suit: 0
I Would Sooner Go Naked: 8

I kinda want to know who voted for Skechers, but I kinda also don't. lol

I think I'm going to do weekly polls because it's fun. So please vote on my next one!

I need to sew more. I need to sell more. Without a job, I've been surviving on credit card money and selling off half my wardrobe and random vintage things because I'm a vintage packrat. I find myself standing in the middle of my room looking around me at all my belongings, and realizing I own nothing of value to sell. Strongly considering selling my pink nintendo DS and my ipod. But who even wants to buy a 2nd gen ipod nano when there are all the newer cooler colorful ones?

I have a lovely pair of Elie Tahari boots but I know if I listed them on eBay I'd probably only get like $20 or something ridiculous for them. Why did I buy them? I really wanted a pair of boots that zipped up the back ... sigh. I have a problem.

Oh, and what the hell? I recently learned that Alexander McQueen was doing a line for target. And now Hayden-Harnett?? I feel like my bag now is worth nothing.

I do kiiinda like this umbrella though, as I don't believe in spending much on umbrellas because I always break them/lose them. Yes, here in Washington it rains a lot but no one actually uses those things. It inevitably breaks due to ridiculous wind gusts or your co-worker at J. Crew thinks it would be funny to press the button and "shoot" it and it jams into the wall or it rolls under your car seat never to be found again.

Wait til there's Chanel for Target. HAHA. Terrible. Sorry this post is boring. I've been having a boring day.


Jen - The Secret Keeper said...

I heart that umbrella! It's beautiful!!! I've recently realised I have nothing of value either, it's rubbish when we spend so much on "stuff"! I recently sold my favourite skirt on eBay thinking someone with a bit of style would snap it up and I'd make a bit of money...OMG, I was devastated at the $9.04 it got! Devastated I tell you!! Hehe, I'll get over it!! I'm selling my soul on Ebay!! It's tragic! xx

Stephanie said...

I can proudly say I voted for CROCS! Everyone has told me they're ugly, but my feet say otherwise. However, I must say I do not wear the clog type, which I know doesn't make it any better. lol

At least I don't wear skechers ;)

I'd buy your boots but I doubt they're an 8 and I also doubt they'd fit my stupid legs. I can't wear boot and it blow.

Gwen B. (aka skinny bitch) said...

I voted for uggs :)

I was thinking the same thing, about selling my ipod nano. But ho wants that old shit. it's just the plain black one....

I don't have anything of value except for maybe purfume purses and a couple pairs of far as clothes go, I too prefer the cheap vintage things. Right there with ya!

I would love to see what kind of clothes you would put out on Etsy!

insomniaclolita said...

That boots are sickkkk!! Dont sell them. :)

Sarahahaha said...

Jen: that is really sad. i have had similar tragedies on ebay. once i sold some of my clothes and mis-estimated the postage costs so badly i had to PAY $6 to send this person my clothes. ugh.

stephanie: wait--so you voluntarily are wearing crocs?? hahaha jk. i won't judge.

yes, the boots are not 8's they're 6.5 ): I have really big calves and often have trouble finding boots that fit them ): but I found some great Kenneth Cole riding boots that lace up as well as zip up so they're completely adjustable.

gwen: i know right? mine's also just plain black and i really don't think anyone would buy it since there are such lovely new colors and features now. fuck this economy.

insomniaclolita: thank you (: i guess i won't because i know i'll get nothing for them.

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