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Monday, March 2, 2009


Last Minute / Emergency / Back-up Gift Swap!

I'm hosting a swap on Sign up and join my swap if you'd like. What is swap-bot? Essentially, it's a site where you can go, sign up for a swap, and send and receive stuff to/from strangers! It's pretty fun if you enjoy sending and receiving snail mail.

Anyway, here is the description for the swap I'm hosting:

Everyone, on occasion, has need for a gift with little to no notice. A backup gift to keep on hand for emergencies. Whether it's a thank you, a hostess gift, an "uhh, of COURSE I remembered your birthday's today" gift, sometimes you just aren't prepared.

In this swap you will be sending one partner a gift (total value of at least $10) that they can keep on hand for the next time they're unprepared for a gift giving occasion!

Since there is no way to know what their next unexpected gift giving occasion is, it's a good idea to keep things relatively non-gender/age specific if you can (or you can make requests of what you would like to receive. for instance, you might want a backup gift for a "girl age 4-6" if you have a daughter who might have friends' birthdays coming up or you could specify "unisex twenty-something" if most of your peers are in their 20's). Also, sending things that are not perishable is a good idea. If you send your partner a batch of your famous chocolate chip cookies, they might be pretty stale by the time he/she needs to use them. Just use common sense (:

In this swap you must include at minimum the following: 1) a gift 2) gift wrap, gift bag or other cute packaging (don't wrap up the item as your partner surely wants to know what's inside before they give it to someone. just include the wrapping in your package. it's okay to put the gift in its wrapping if it's a resealable style bag or something) 3) notecard

The total value of these 3 things should be at LEAST $10. Your items may be handmade or store bought. They must be things you'd actually want to receive or be willing to give to a good friend! Send your partner a nice little package!

Gift ideas could be: Stationery/note cards Chocolate/candies A scarf Plushies/stuffed animals

No participants with ratings less than 4.8 and no recent no sends. Newbies, please send me a message before joining.

This swap is US-only, but if a lot of people like it, I may do it again as an international swap next time.

Hearts should be given for anyone who goes the extra mile (:

And here's a link to a cute gift guide I found while searching for images for my swap:


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