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Saturday, February 28, 2009

PLEATS?! Disturbing dreams and NIN cream

Pleats, please!!

This is the second clutch I've made. Instead of ruffles I went for pleats this time. I used vintage/thrifted fabric for both and sewed them using the machine my grandparents bought me as a high school graduation gift (:



The last couple days I've been sleeping a lot more than usual which is good except for the fact that I've been having crazy disturbing dreams. I often have dreams where I feel paralyzed but awake. And sometimes I hear voices or music. They're always angry voices/music. Sometimes I can force myself to wake up out of these dreams and I did this a couple times and forced myself to be coherent enough to find my phone and write myself memos of what the voices/songs were saying because I wanted to remember them in the morning. Anyway, I forgot I even did this for a day at least. And when I remembered about it, I didn't think there would really be any notes in my phone and that I was just remembering part of the dream. However there were two notes in my phone and they were hellllaa creepy:

"Peron yassir arafat"
"where little. You gotta give me corn the most"

uhhhh, wtf???

I leave you with this video that made me cream my jeans:

NIN: 1,000,000 Live from on stage, Sydney 2.22.09 [HD] from Nine Inch Nails on Vimeo


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