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Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy valentine's day!

Dolls are officially creepy. While doing a routine search for Hello Kitty merchandise, I came across this eBay seller who makes doll clothes.

Today is vday so the bf and I are going on a date. We have reservations for the early bird special aka "my bf was too lazy to make reservations before a few days ago and had to settle for a 4:30 reservation." I don't think I care a lot except that I bought two bcbgmaxazria dresses with vday in mind and I can't wear them because they're too fancy to wear at 4:30. The dresses were 70 percent off but they were still $100 each. Mehh I won't complain (: I'm happy.

I got my bf this book called The Officialy Filthy Rich Handbook for vday along with a nintendo ds.

I wonder what my parents are doing for Valentine's Day. Probably eating Taco del Mar.


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