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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tokyo! the movie, post office, swaps, shoe shops and sleep.

This movie looks pretty great.

I sold over half my wardrobe on eBay and shipped out several packages of stuff. I also sold a coat on etsy! Thank god, because now I can pay my cell phone bill.

P1010139 P1010147

I also sent a birthday card to my friend Roy and a kawaii postcard for a Swap-Bot swap. Other swaps I've done/am going to do are:

"Worst Date Ever" email swap
Owl ATC Swap
Twilight Music Swap - this swap you make a CD of music that SHOULD have been on the Twilight soundtrack and send it your partner. I've already started working on mine.
Gain Exposure to Your Blog Swap
Mini Recipe Book Swap

I love swap-bot.

I'm so tired. I ran out of my Wellbutrin prescription and have honestly been too lazy to call my doctor to refill it. That's bad. But Wellbutrin is the reason why I can't sleep.

I was window shopping at (my fave shoe store) and kept putting things in my cart that I liked. My subtotal is $1,600.00. Yikes. Click here to see a screenshot. Lolz

Oh yeah, and I cleaned my room. It was looking like this:


Shower. Then nap time.


Stephanie said...

OMG! I think I lived in that same very bedroom at one point in time :) I don't know how I become such a neat freak.

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