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Sunday, February 15, 2009


Want to know a random fact about me? My favorite shoe designers are: Pour la Victoire. Sam Edelman. Dolce Vita. Giuseppe Zanotti. And I really want these boots despite the fact that I should probably be focusing on spring fashion right now.

I can imagine wearing them with gray leggings and a rabbit fur jacket.

It's 4:44 am and I can't sleep. I'm not at my house so I can't make cards or do anything crafty because I have no materials. I'm bored so I just looked up my horoscope for today. It says:

Your ambition is starting to get revved up today, thanks to the inspiring progress a friend or coworker has made. But before you follow in their footsteps, you have to figure out what you'll do once you reach your destination! Moving forward without a plan is only going to result in you getting lost. So hold off making any big moves today -- wait to see how things pan out for other people. You need to plan your career goals out completely before you pursue them.

That's kind of bull. I'm going to lay in bed and place Princess Peach some more.


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