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Friday, February 13, 2009

birthday, michael & mac

Today's Friday the 13th! Yesterday was my birthday. Being 23 isn't as depressing as I'd anticipated though it's not a particularly pleasant thought either. Michael took me out to a bar in Centralia which was fun actually. Bday presents included: money from grandma, hair cut from parents, and hello kitty mac makeup from bf! Which reminds me ...

30 designers make outfits for hello kitty

God that dress is amazing.

I'm sitting in my boyfriend's grandma's house and everyone else is asleep. But I'm too excited because I was checking my google analytics for my etsy page and i had 73 unique visitors from 22 different countries!

I've been trying to learn more about online advertising which sounds super boring but has been really fun. I have ads up at:
and sketchiest of all

Any website ending in "me" is sketchy at best.

Anyway. Tomorrow I get to chill with bf's grandma while bf is at work and Saturday is Valentine's Day and I get to go on a date! I haven't been on a date in a long time and I have some new ridiculous dolce vita shoes to wear that I suspect he does not like:

Oh yeah ... and I talked to one of my homies who makes shirts and he liked my card designs and wants to maybe work something out to get my designs on some shirts.


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