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Friday, February 27, 2009

"She paid me $10 a day not to wear ruffles or eat Ruffles in the office."



I just sewed this ruffle-ridden clutch and showed my boyfriend the pictures. This is how the conversation went:

him: what is it?
me: a clutch
me: do you know what that is
him: its like bigger than a wallet but smaller than a purse
me: lolz
him: like you "clutch" it
me: lol
me: i love you
me: you're so knowledgable about accessories
him: I love you too
him: lots
him: and your clutch is very well appointed



ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Oooo I love the clutch. If you put up a store I'll probably buy tons of your stuff. Ruffles are just so cute and girly. You have mad skills! Kudos to you. =)

Sarahahaha said...

Thank you! I will let you know when they're up for sale (: I'm out of control with ruffles, so you'll probably LOVE my stuff. Haha!

Susan said...

This is really, really cute. I love it.
Susan (palmettostate on swap-bot)

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