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Friday, May 29, 2009

Yay I have 50 followers!

Kinda excited for my new readers and excited that I am doing the hello kitty giveaway because I suspect that is how some of you n00bz found me.

gross, I just typed "noobz"

Anyway! I appreciate all the thoughtful comments on my previous post about my ex. It's old news, just something that hits me every now and then. I cheered myself up today though because I took pictures of myself (one of my fave hobbies) wearing a vintage green cocktail dress I am selling on my etsy shop!




And I found this way too cute owl cookie jar!



It's 80 degrees here. I live in WA. WTF. Happy Weekend!


Lily G. said...

cute dress and cookie jar!

Ketmany said...

oommg that dress is so 80s prom. loove it ;]

Sarahahaha said...

thanks, lily and ketmany! xoxo

LindsayM. said...

LOL. I am new to this bloggin but I found you thru cruisin other ppl that have entered your contest =p Hope its a good thing?! LOL

cute dressss girl!

Melissa said...

That is so retro prom dress...adorable!

ScoMan said...

Congrats on the 50 followers. The giveaway post might get to 50 comments as well.. how exciting!

The dress is cute. I love vintage things.

And the cookie jar is great as well, although owls do scare me a little bit.

kathy said...

nice boobs :) no, really haha.

Stephanie said...

80 degrees!? How unfair.

Andhari said...

Pretty dress, do you have another one in different color possibly?

Benedict Smith said...

if that's a piercing I spy, all the better.

Sarahahaha said...

thanks scoman! yes, owls in real life are terrifying!

thank you kathy!

stephanie - ugh, i hate warm weather!

andhari - no, i wish! just have it in the blue green /:

benedict smith - it is in fact a piercing!

Anonymous said...

hot dress. Yeah 50 followers!

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