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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Well that's odd ...

I think my ex boyfriend is dating someone new. He's at least boning her and going on a vacay to Japan with her (I was stalking his facebook). Last night I was thinking "Hmm, wow it's been almost 5 months since I broke up with him. That's a kind of long time."

In many ways I'm totes over it but every now and then I fall apart and cry over it. Or I remember he gave me an engagement ring and I'm kinda like wtf? I don't know what to do with it. I don't think it's worth enough to bother selling and it's not something you can just throw away. /:

Mandz, Jeremy, Michael and I were talking about whether we'd prefer to see an ex with someone really attractive or someone ugly. Mandi and Michael said they'd prefer their ex to be with someone both ugly AND has a shitty personality. Jeremy and I were the opposite and said we'd rather have our ex's new gf/bf be physically attractive and have a great personality.

It's not that I'm particularly selfless or kind (because I'm not!). haha. It's just that if my ex started dating someone ugly and lame, I'd think they had low standards and assume that I too am ugly and lame. What do you guys think? I'm going to make this the new poll, but I want to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Would you rather have your ex's new bf/gf be attractive or ugly? Douchebag or nice?

I forgot how ridiculous this video was. Hahaha.


Mumsy Mania said...

I would prefer if i had an ex.. and i would prefer for his new chick to be a douchebag and ugly as hell.. I am not in that position nor do i want to be anymore. if hypotheically my baby daddy left me i should hope the chick is a ugly sack of potatos and a total douchbag. thats just me i can be mean..haha

Ketmany said...

i think it would depend on the situation. if i left him, then i could care less about who he chooses to date after me.

but if he left me, then she better be the shit cause i would hate for him to leave me for something less than what he had. it would just be an insult to me. lol.

Stephanie said...

I'd prefer a he pick a girl with a real shit attitude!

Melissa said...

If we broke up on good terms I'd want him to be happy...BUT, if we broke up because he was a douche bag I'd wan hims to have the fugliest B****.
Mean...maybe but it would make me feel better.

Andhari said...

ugly and shitty people around him can point out how his taste drops and how he was so much better with me hahahaha :P

ScoMan said...

Well, being that I'm asexual and I don't date, I'm going to change this question to "What sort of owner would you like your dog to have if it had to go to another owner?"

I would want my dog to be happy, but not as happy as the dog was with me. Like, if it saw me it would still be excited and run away from it's new owner.

jen - tsk said...

Why has no-one suggested you'd want your exs new fling to be the same sex? At least you'd know then that the break-up wasn't your fault!!! Hehe x

E-Money said...

She is ugly and much, much chubbier than me! And she has (in my opinion) a terrible personality. She never holds him accountable for his shit, ever. Which is why he still calls me (I don't answer though!)! Oy vey, relationships are weird.

Benedict Smith said...

i hate seeing an ex with someone who looks like garbage. it devalues them in my eyes.

Sarahahaha said...

firstly, i like how no one has marked "frumpy/average" person in the poll yet.

secondly, i'm loving all the personal examples all yall have commented!

@mumsymania - i don't think that's mean. it's a pretty normal reaction.

@ketmany - hahaha, i agree. i think you're supposed to date people who are better than the previous person (generally speaking) so if the next person they date is lame, then it's kind of insulting.

@stephanie - (: good call i guess!

@melissa - psh, it's not mean. and anyway, we're speaking on hypothetical terms, i think ...

@andhari - hahaha, yeah it's great if they point out that he was an idiot to have lost you.

@scoman - are you really asexual?

@jen - yes, i've thought that because the ex who the post was about had an exgf who now has a girlfriend and i always wondered how that affected his man ego. because what if you felt that it was you who turned them off women (or the opposite sex)?

@emoney - hahaha. well it sounds like you dodged a bullet there. glad she has him and not you anymore.

@benedict - agreed!

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