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Saturday, May 2, 2009

art. laze. plaeser guns.

Today I was extra lazy. Slept in til 1-something. Painted a bit. Took a nap. Had more dreams about smiling while kissing. And am just now waking up.

Hmmm... maybe I'll go look for food now. As if this isn't unappetizing enough:

In progress.

Mostly finished.

Butterflies and moths scare the shit out of me. Anyone seen this episode of fringe?

Hope everyone's having a good weekend!


The Demigoddess said...

Smiling while kissing? I remember so vividly how that feels...

jen - tsk said...

I love your paintings!!! They're always so cool! x

Sarahahaha said...

demigoddess - isn't it a lovely feeling?

jen - thanks!

Anonymous said...

ohhhh man i love fringe! and that episode was FREAKY

ScoMan said...

The second picture was great. Many kudos to you.

bard said...

Cool artwork!

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