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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Survey. Seattle. Socializing. Sizzling.

So the poll has been closed for awhile and the results were kinda all over the place. Only one answer got zero votes. The question was about what kind person you'd prefer to see your ex with. The results were as follows:

a hideous person. 3 (25%)
a frumpy/average person. 0 (0%)
a super gorgeous person. 2 (16%)
someone who's good looking, but not necessarily better looking than me. 2 (16%)
no one. ever. 2 (16%)
it doesn't matter to me what their next partner is like. 3 (25%)

I think I picked someone who's good looking, but not necessarily better looking than me. For those of you who don't care what their ex's new bfs/gfs look like, good for you. Haha.

Speaking of ex's, I saw my ex (the one that never paid the parking ticket he incurred while borrowing my car) while I was visiting Seattle. I was actually in Tacoma because my friend and I LOVE shopping at this really sketchy mall called B&I (click for article). And we were driving back north when I happened to look out the window and see a dude getting out of his car. We drove right past him and I said "That was Isaac." She slowed down a bit and I yelled "Keep driving!" and then proceeded to have a heart attack.

Anyway, besides that heart attack incident Seattle was good. I ate too much, didn't get enough sleep and did nothing productive but it was wonderful. I got to eat Korean food, see people walking cute puppies, get drunk in an awkward situation and still be tipsy the next morning, eat Molly Moon's ice cream, lots of thrift store shopping, and even visit the capitol building in Olympia on the way home!

The lovely view during the day.

Beautiful nighttime view.

That's a lot of bulgogi.



That chandelier looked way bigger in real life than it does in this picture.

Oh yeah, and also went to Shipwreck Beads for the first time. It wasn't as great as I thought it would be.

Need to get to work sewing some custom aprons. Happy Memorial Day!


Melissa said...

Ahh Looks like you had a good time, I need to leave Los Angles every once and a while-see different places.

Shipwreck sad that is wasn't as great as you thought!
Happy Memorial Day!

ScoMan said...

Those are some awesome pics of your trip.

How can Seattle have been good if you didn't get enough sleep? For me, the amount of sleep I get and how good of a time I have are directly correlated.

Andhari said...

Sounds like a very accomplished trip. You get to visit all those places, shop and eat good foods. How I'm in a need of great vacay like that.

Tanya said...

Haha, I can see my condo from your first photo. Probably even my window if I zoom in reeeeeeeeeeeeelly close. :D

Where'd you go for Korean food? that looks good!!

Sarahahaha said...

@Melissa - Yeah, with a name like Shipwreck Beads I thought it would be quality! But it wasn't.

@Scoman - Thanks! It was still good because I caught up a bit on sleep last night and being in my own bed felt so good! Sometimes it's nice to be deprived of things you're used to just so you appreciate them more. I got to hang out with friends I hadn't seen in a long time and eat too much food.

@Andhari - Oh I would love to see pics of you on vacay! Your pictures are always so great. I hope you get to go somewhere and relax and see some sights soon!

@Tanya - Crazy! I hope you're not squatting in one of those unfinished skyscrapers. Haha. We went to some Palace place in Tacoma. It was good but the service was kind of rude.

Louie said...

Is "parking-ticket guy" the same as "bullet-guy"?

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