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Thursday, May 14, 2009

model time

I always wanted to be a model when I was a teenager. Here I am modeling some of the recent vintage finds I've listed on etsy. Also! I put up a widget so you'll see on the right hand bar there's a selection of items from my store (:

Ugh. Self-timed photos are not the greatest. lol






DiANAB. said...

you look soooo cute ma dear!

Stephanie said...

so sweet

Melissa said...

the dress is soo cute and I really like your top in the first picture!

Sarahahaha said...

@dianab - thank you!!
@stephanie - (: Thanks
@melissa - thank you lots! I made that top.

ScoMan said...

Cute outfits. You make a great model.

Melissa said...

I tagged you!

Andhari said...

I like the dresses, very cute. Why don't you do modeling already?:)

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