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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Etsy Front Page!

My first time being on etsy's front page! My "I didn't know when to stop" clutch was featured (:

Uhh ... Exciting!!

Go check it out if it's still up at!


Just Add Walter said...

congrats!! PS: I tagged you for an award... go to my blog to check it out!!

Andhari said...

That's such a clutch for summer. I like the yellow

Melissa said...

I agree with is the perfect clutch for summer, but I do not look good in or around yellow!

ScoMan said...

That's awesome that you featured on the front page! Congrats!

Diana said...

congrats chica!!

robin_titan said...

wow how great for you congrats!
it's such a pretty clutch too :)

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