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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I need to stop complaining about my body. If I'm not skinny enough, it's not like I need to look far to figure out why. Today's lunch:




chicken katsu stuffed with gouda w/sweet red peppers. on salad of cabbage w/miso vinaigrette, yam, green bean, onion and shrimp tempura. henry weinhard's private reserve.

So good. And fun to take pictures of too. What's the last thing you ate?


Melissa said...

Yumm that looks great. I ate an hand full of honey nut cheerios and some coffee as I was walking out the door.

Ketmany said...

yummy katsu!

lol i ate mcdonalds, im going to die of a heart attack lol

Stephanie said...

potato wedges with ranch dip and a glass of coke. i'm ready to eat again, but don't know what.

Andhari said...

That looks soooooo good, someone please take me out to eat because I completely live off instant noodles and they're so unhealthy.

la petite fashionista said...

oh YUM. this is making my mouth water as we speak. also, your mother's day card below is hysterical!

Miss Confession said...

mmmmm yummy... i just ate lunch but this is making me hungry. I like your blog.

anyway, control is key. it's easy to say but not impossible =)

ScoMan said...

Looks delicious!

The last thing I ate was one of those little fruit pack things. You know the ones? Yum.

Justin said...

first time visiting... whoa, you made that? I'm a total whimp about deep-frying at home. I do it, but it always makes me nervous. but I just ate a tuna sandwich for lunch and I'm wishing I ate this instead.

Just Playing Pretend said...

That looks delish. I just had a Yoplait Light strawberry yogurt. For dinner.

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