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Saturday, June 27, 2009

stole this ...

... from stephanie! thanks lady! check out her blog today for a great handshake tutorial. lol


The Rules:
Mentioned who tagged you: Stephanie
Complete the list of 8’s
Tag 8 people

Reaching my goal weight
Fitting into my pants again
Being tan
My head feeling clear and being able to think straight again
Having nice dreams at night
Making something cool
Being able to sew whatever my mind thinks up
Having kids someday

Did my nails
Made a couple fail rings. They are not going to be sold.
Metroid Prime Pinball

Function in ways that humans should.
Eat like a normal person
Think like a normal person
Play piano well
Play cello
Back walkover
One handed pushups

Burn Notice
Flight of the Conchords
Campus Ladies
some other shows I'm sure.

red grapes

mitchell, south dakota
new york
japan (if only to shop for kawaii fabric to sew something amazing with) oh and ice cream crepes

centralia, wa
seattle, wa


Thursday, June 25, 2009

he rocked my world

How much do I love Michael Jackson? IT IS AN UNENDING LOVE!

My parents are hella Christian and I wasn't allowed to listen to secular music until I was in middle school. So the first time I really fell in love with Michael Jackson was when I--on a whim--decided to rent some VHS tapes of his videos/performances. I couldn't believe how cool they were!

Then in 2001 I watched the Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Celebration and seeing him perform alongside pop performers like Britney and Usher made me realize how truly magical he is and what a better performer he is than preeetty much anyone else. That was also the night I started learning how to moonwalk.

In 2003 I did a photoshoot with a Michael Jackson temporary tattoo on. I considered getting a real one, but I think it'll be awhile before I get another tattoo.

Just the other day I was organizing a lot of my paper/art and stuff and found this newspaper collage I had done of Michael Jackson when I took Design/Color in college. It's of one of my favorite pictures of Michael! I am so sad he's gone and part of me believes he's faking his death.

I always hoped he'd outlive me!


I'm currently ripping Michael Jackson HIStory cd set onto my computer. Today is a day for watching Michael Jackson HIStory DVD and remembering how inspirational MJ is. Perhaps I will bedazzle a glove?

What's your favorite Michael Jackson song? Mine is probably Stranger in Moscow

What's your favorite Michael Jackson video? Smooth Criminal? Maybe? It's almost impossible to claim just one favorite!

<3 Love you MJ! <3

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

pink and black and blue for you

What I've been listening to lately ...

I tried to do handstands for you
I tried to do headstands for you
Everytime I fell on you, yeah, everytime I fell
I tried to do handstands for you
But everytime I fell for you
I'm permanently black and blue, permanently blue for you.

I tried to do handstands for you
I tried to do handstands for you
Everytime I fell on you, yeah, everytime I fell
I tried to do handstands for you but everytime I fell for you
I'm permanently black and blue, permanently blue for you-ooh-ooh-ooh

For you-ooh-ooh-ooh
So black and blue-ooh-ooh-ooh
For you-ooh-ooh-ooh.

I grabbed some frozen strawberries so I could ice your bruising knees
But frozen things they all unfreeze and now I taste like....
All those frozen strawberries I used to chill your bruising knees,
Hot July ain't good to me
I'm pink and black and blue for you.

I got bruises on my knees for you
And grass stains on my knees for you
Got holes in my new jeans for you
Got pink and black and blue

Got bruises on my knees for you
And grass stains on my knees for you
Got holes in my new jeans for you
Got pink and black and blue for you

Other songs I've been listening to lately:

and of course ...

Monday, June 22, 2009

You are just a young girl who likes to sleep around yeah?

I've been giving my room an intensive cleaning. Looking through my sketchbooks to decide which ones I should put in storage boxes under my bed and which to keep out to access, I came across this dialogue in a letter I'd written to a friend trying to describe this ridiculous guy I met. Luckily, I never sent it and therefore get to relive this amazing conversation I had via IM with a scary dude I went on a date with. After this one date, I decided I liked him, but wasn't ready or willing to date him exclusively. When I told him this he went nuts.

The date of the letter is May 11, 2006. It was this dude that worked at the same place I did and I thought he was really cute, but he turned out to be crazy! This is the conversation verbatim:

D: You are going to make a lot of serious enemies, Sarah.
Me: I already have some, haha.
D: What? Who?
Me: I was joking. I just meant boys that are disappointed if my expectations don't match theirs.
D: Why do you call men boys?
Me: Because I call males boys?
D: Is it because you don't think they are good enough for you?
Me: No ... male people ARE boys.

D: You knew from the first time we hung out that you weren't going to give me a chance.
Me: No I didn't.
D: Yes you did. I've been on this earth a little longer to know.*
Me: I think I know how I feel better than you do.

*I think he was like 2-3 years older than me

D: Women just walk in and they fuck up the balance and waltz out.

D: Over the years I have become very proficient at dealing with smartasses.
D: Maybe the next time I see you I'll put you in your place.
D: I've never hit a woman before but you just might be the first.

D: What's up with the slow responses?
Me: I don't even know what to say to your questions.
D: Why because you think you're more intelligent than me??

D: You are just a young girl who likes to sleep around yeah?

Ahhhhhh. That was terrible, but fun to look back on! Insecure much?

A couple videos that leave me teary-eyed.

Christian the lion

Christian was a lion originally purchased by Australians John Rendall and Anthony "Ace" Bourke from Harrods department store of London in 1969 and ultimately reintroduced to the wild by conservationist George Adamson. One year after George Adamson released Christian to the wild, his former owners decided to go looking for him in Africa to see whether Christian would remember them. Surprisingly, he did and with him were other lions in the pride who were also friendly.[1]

-from the Christian the lion wikipedia entry

The part in the video when they reunite is too precious.

This second video is cute too, though possibly less dramatic. Carolyn Scott had polio as a child and doesn't dance with her dogs anymore and I'm guessing Rookie is dead now because he was 15 last year and health probz, but he looks like he had so much fun dancing!

Carolyn Scott & Rookie

Saturday, June 20, 2009

fallen princesses

I'm a girl (duh) and of course I like fairytales and the story of Rapunzel is one of my favorites. This photographer, Dina Goldstein did a series of photos based on fairytale princesses with "realistic" outcomes instead of the "happily ever after" types we're accustomed to.

I'm not sure how seriously to take them, or how serious they were meant to be, but I like them and the Rapunzel one made me lol (yes, I am a terrible person). I really like the Sleeping Beauty one too, mainly because I love old people so much.

Friday, June 19, 2009


So this morning I had an appointment with the lady doctor (ugh) and I got up at 7am (gross) and took a shower, got dressed, and hopped in my car to drive over there. My car wouldn't start. It wouldn't do anything. It didn't even try to start.

Ugh! So I ran back inside, woke my mom up and asked to borrow her car and then I went. The lady doctor appointment went stupidly, I'm not going to go into detail, but I was a little pissed off that I even got up for it this morning. I am definitely not a morning person.

Last night, Michael and I attempted to record some footage for a vlog, but as most of it was unusable (mainly us just giggling and talking about private jokes that were hilarious to us, but I'm sure obnoxious to anyone else) I cut it down to just a few minutes of some of my fave moments. I don't even think this is worth calling a vlog, it's really just several clips of us being ourselves: Dancing, name-dropping, and Michael standing on his hands.

Check it out:

Michael helps me vlog from Polygnome on Vimeo.

Oh, also I made quite a haul at some thrift stores so I'll be posting pics soon and today I'm thinking I'll be making the giveaway clutch too. Maybz. If you're lucky.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

what i've been up to ...

I haven't been posting as often lately. Apologies to anyone who has noticed my absence.

I'm going to do a giveaway within the next week or so. The item(s) will be something handmade by me, like a clutch or jewelry maybe? Any ideas of kinds of things you'd want? Comment and tell me!

I have been craving shopping reeeally bad lately but I've been trying to avoid spending money. I decided to try sewing some new clothes to ease my feelings of withdrawal. Here are some creations I came up with:

This is a romper I made and a little vest/shrug/bolero thing with pleats.

Below is a flowy maxi dress I made of jersey with some cool sheer appliques I cut out.



A skirt I made and me being a dork doing an action pose!

This is a purse I sewed out of a windbreaker. This is what I did with the hood and one of my friends bought it awhile ago! Awesome!

And here's a picture of my dog because I think he's cute and he always looks so guilty when I pull the camera out.

Soooo ... let me know in the comments if you have any specific things you like that you'd be interested in seeing me do a giveaway for. And let me know what you think of my sewing lately. And how has everyone been? I need to catch up on my google reader.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

While I was out ...

Last night I was busy sewing and didn't check my computer for awhile. Jeremy had left me some messages.

(2:42:34 PM) jeremy: Hi bun
Im at vid store
What u doing
(6:49:48 PM) jeremy: Hi bun, how r u?
(9:44:09 PM) jeremy: bun
(9:44:14 PM) jeremy: how come u not talking 2 me
(9:44:21 PM) jeremy: r u bored aand frustrated
(9:47:26 PM) jeremy: is it cuz i never paid u for that hello kitty merch i won off u on ebay
(9:49:44 PM) jeremy: is it coz i havent bought a house yet for us 2 live in
(9:56:25 PM) jeremy: is it coz i still have my msn picture containing a beard?
(10:01:43 PM) jeremy: ooooooooooooh wait is it coz i didnt come help u clean your room yet and now you have no room left on bed so you cant sleep and youre too tired to spell replies correctly which could be potentially embarrassing?
(10:15:33 PM) jeremy: is it because i didnt have michael jackson on a pony bring you a pony for christmas
(10:15:35 PM) jeremy: im sorry
(10:20:18 PM) jeremy: bun is it cuz i didnt get u an iphone
(10:20:25 PM) jeremy: that was bedazzled
(10:20:38 PM) jeremy: by herman li

Lay it Down

Lately I've been kind of in a slump. My brain has not been working like it should and I wanted to sew some more clutches, but I couldn't do it. I tried making ruffles (easy!) and was an epic fail.

FINALLY my head cleared. And yesterday I made THREE new clutches. I'm very happy with them, and my favorite is the yacht clutch because it's so Blair Waldorf prepster.

Here are my latest creations!


Old Money Yacht clutch made with an upcycled turnlock clasp, old charms, beads, costume jewelry, vintage fabric and new white/navy chain fabric.




Engrish T-Shirt Clutch. I made this from a shirt I got in Japan but didn't really fit me. Made from recycled materials so it's eco-friendly (only the snaps and thread aren't). Check out the description I made for it on its etsy page too. Haha.



Family Candy Jewels Clutch. I had this idea to use felt candies on a clutch and I really like how it turned out. I am enjoying this odd combination of colors.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Insomnia-driven crafting

I haven't gone to bed yet. I made some things last night/this morning. All the rings are 5 bucks, so buy buy buy plz. k, thx (:




Not even going to post pictures of everything I listed this morning. Toooo tired!

Good night!

Friday, June 5, 2009

The hk giveaway winner

Just in case you did not watch my awesome vlog down below ... the winner is hello_cupcake! congrats, girl! i'll be in contact with you to get your address and stuff to send out your package.

everyone stay tuned for more giveaways to come!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

via texts

Michael: Did I leave my corset and bootcut jeans at your house?

Me: Did I leave my gap sweatshirt and la looks gel in your car?

Michael: Yes. Yes you did. Ultra hold #8 right? The blue kind?

Me: Nah that must be yours. I use the mega hold. Its green.

Michael: Shit ok nvm then, I'll keep looking

Me: Thanks

Michael: Of course. Have you seen my midriff baring shirt? I'm getting a wedge haircut this weekend so need it asap

Me: Yeah i actually am wearing it right now. I thought it would go well with my full length ballerina skirt and my french twist.

Michael: Man ok. I was gonna wear it with my j crew original fit jeans but oh well

Me: Oh im sorry. Ill make it up to you and let you borrow my smiley face mini backpack. (:

I announce the winner of the Hello Kitty giveaway in this video!

If you can't watch videos, tomorrow I'll announce the winner in a regular blog. Otherwise, watch this and tell me what you think of my first vlog-like post!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

last day to enter hk giveaway + pandaprons!!!

Today's the last day to enter my Hello Kitty Giveaway! Tomorrow I will announce the winner. Haven't decided if I will use or what yet, but I promise it'll be fair (: And thank you to all who entered so far! I'm so happy with how many entries I've gotten and welcome all you new readers who find my blog via the giveaway!

In other kawaii news, I just listed some adorable aprons I made. Anyone need a fun apron for summer cookouts? Or an excuse to learn how to cook?



Light Grey/Black Pandapron



Candy Apple Red/Black Pandapron

Monday, June 1, 2009


Way too excited for this.

Another HK Giveaway

simple nee is apparently also doing a hello kitty giveaway! hers has 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes which is awesome! some of her prizes include hello kitty for MAC makeup, stationery, and other awesome hk goodies!

Part of the requirements for entry to her giveaway is to say what your favorite Hello Kitty thing that you own is. I am going to have to say my favorite is the Hello Kitty for MAC makeup. I have both eyeshadow palletes, the pink, white and gray nail polishes, a lipglass, a lipstick and the HK doll! The packaging for all of the MAC stuff was ADORABLE. I don't think I've thrown any of it away yet and I got it in February. So ... yeah. lol

Here's a stock photo which features some of the stuff I own! I don't have the bracelet or the brushes, unfortch.

Go check out simple nee's blog to enter the giveaway also!

HK Giveaway Reminder

Here's a reminder that there are just a couple more days to enter my Hello Kitty giveaway!