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Friday, June 19, 2009


So this morning I had an appointment with the lady doctor (ugh) and I got up at 7am (gross) and took a shower, got dressed, and hopped in my car to drive over there. My car wouldn't start. It wouldn't do anything. It didn't even try to start.

Ugh! So I ran back inside, woke my mom up and asked to borrow her car and then I went. The lady doctor appointment went stupidly, I'm not going to go into detail, but I was a little pissed off that I even got up for it this morning. I am definitely not a morning person.

Last night, Michael and I attempted to record some footage for a vlog, but as most of it was unusable (mainly us just giggling and talking about private jokes that were hilarious to us, but I'm sure obnoxious to anyone else) I cut it down to just a few minutes of some of my fave moments. I don't even think this is worth calling a vlog, it's really just several clips of us being ourselves: Dancing, name-dropping, and Michael standing on his hands.

Check it out:

Michael helps me vlog from Polygnome on Vimeo.

Oh, also I made quite a haul at some thrift stores so I'll be posting pics soon and today I'm thinking I'll be making the giveaway clutch too. Maybz. If you're lucky.


jen - tsk said...

Aww, I love him!!! I want one? Can you make me one and sell it on Etsy? I think that's an excellent idea...AND FREAKIN BLOGGER HAS LET ME COMMENT (so I'm actually pre-emting that because clearly whilst typing the comment hasn't yet been goes nothing!) x

Melissa said...

Ah! When car die your life just feels like it's on pause!

You guys are funny!

R.C. said...

LOL! I love the dancing!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!

Stephanie said...

Ahh, Romy & Michelle!

Sarahahaha said...

jen - yay the comment worked! i was actually thinking of making a felt puppet version of him. but would that be creepy to sell it online? lol it's creepy enough i made that life size drawing of him that's in the background of me dancing.

melissa - yes, but fortunately my car is healthy again and running!

rc - thank you!!

stephanie - haha YES.

Anonymous said...

I like you.

I like him.

I like you both dancing and vloging.

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