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Monday, June 22, 2009

You are just a young girl who likes to sleep around yeah?

I've been giving my room an intensive cleaning. Looking through my sketchbooks to decide which ones I should put in storage boxes under my bed and which to keep out to access, I came across this dialogue in a letter I'd written to a friend trying to describe this ridiculous guy I met. Luckily, I never sent it and therefore get to relive this amazing conversation I had via IM with a scary dude I went on a date with. After this one date, I decided I liked him, but wasn't ready or willing to date him exclusively. When I told him this he went nuts.

The date of the letter is May 11, 2006. It was this dude that worked at the same place I did and I thought he was really cute, but he turned out to be crazy! This is the conversation verbatim:

D: You are going to make a lot of serious enemies, Sarah.
Me: I already have some, haha.
D: What? Who?
Me: I was joking. I just meant boys that are disappointed if my expectations don't match theirs.
D: Why do you call men boys?
Me: Because I call males boys?
D: Is it because you don't think they are good enough for you?
Me: No ... male people ARE boys.

D: You knew from the first time we hung out that you weren't going to give me a chance.
Me: No I didn't.
D: Yes you did. I've been on this earth a little longer to know.*
Me: I think I know how I feel better than you do.

*I think he was like 2-3 years older than me

D: Women just walk in and they fuck up the balance and waltz out.

D: Over the years I have become very proficient at dealing with smartasses.
D: Maybe the next time I see you I'll put you in your place.
D: I've never hit a woman before but you just might be the first.

D: What's up with the slow responses?
Me: I don't even know what to say to your questions.
D: Why because you think you're more intelligent than me??

D: You are just a young girl who likes to sleep around yeah?

Ahhhhhh. That was terrible, but fun to look back on! Insecure much?


Melissa said...

Wow!! What a jack ass!

Mesha said...

And that's why men suck :'D
Most of them..
Some others... ahhh..
*very in love*

Jen - The Secret Keeper said...

Wow, sounds like husband material lol x

Abstaining Irene said...


Andhari said...

I would like to hit him in the face!

Stephanie said...

Oh, that is great. What a nut case!!

Louie said...

Um, this wasn't the stalker dude you told me about, who followed you around?

I've never hit a guy before, but he might be the first. ;)

Sarahahaha said...

melissa - haha. yup.
mesha - yeah, insecure men suck though
jen tsk - TOTALLY. hahaha. ugh.
abstaining irene - lol yeah, definitely not fun drama for the workplace.
andhari - lol yeah, i was more scared of him than that.
stephanie - (:
louie - hahaha NO, that was a different guy actually.

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