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Thursday, June 4, 2009

via texts

Michael: Did I leave my corset and bootcut jeans at your house?

Me: Did I leave my gap sweatshirt and la looks gel in your car?

Michael: Yes. Yes you did. Ultra hold #8 right? The blue kind?

Me: Nah that must be yours. I use the mega hold. Its green.

Michael: Shit ok nvm then, I'll keep looking

Me: Thanks

Michael: Of course. Have you seen my midriff baring shirt? I'm getting a wedge haircut this weekend so need it asap

Me: Yeah i actually am wearing it right now. I thought it would go well with my full length ballerina skirt and my french twist.

Michael: Man ok. I was gonna wear it with my j crew original fit jeans but oh well

Me: Oh im sorry. Ill make it up to you and let you borrow my smiley face mini backpack. (:


ScoMan said...

hahaha random texting can be fun

Abstaining Irene said...


Stephanie said...

that's great

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