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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lay it Down

Lately I've been kind of in a slump. My brain has not been working like it should and I wanted to sew some more clutches, but I couldn't do it. I tried making ruffles (easy!) and was an epic fail.

FINALLY my head cleared. And yesterday I made THREE new clutches. I'm very happy with them, and my favorite is the yacht clutch because it's so Blair Waldorf prepster.

Here are my latest creations!


Old Money Yacht clutch made with an upcycled turnlock clasp, old charms, beads, costume jewelry, vintage fabric and new white/navy chain fabric.




Engrish T-Shirt Clutch. I made this from a shirt I got in Japan but didn't really fit me. Made from recycled materials so it's eco-friendly (only the snaps and thread aren't). Check out the description I made for it on its etsy page too. Haha.



Family Candy Jewels Clutch. I had this idea to use felt candies on a clutch and I really like how it turned out. I am enjoying this odd combination of colors.


ScoMan said...

I think the yacht one is my favourite as well =D

Andhari said...

The yacht one is definitely my favorite one too :) Do you make other types of bags beside clutches?

Anonymous said...

I can totally see my sister carrying the candy one. Awesome style.

Kristin said...

They're all fabulous but I looooooooooooove the yacht clutch!!

KAELA said...

pretty clutches!

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