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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

what i've been up to ...

I haven't been posting as often lately. Apologies to anyone who has noticed my absence.

I'm going to do a giveaway within the next week or so. The item(s) will be something handmade by me, like a clutch or jewelry maybe? Any ideas of kinds of things you'd want? Comment and tell me!

I have been craving shopping reeeally bad lately but I've been trying to avoid spending money. I decided to try sewing some new clothes to ease my feelings of withdrawal. Here are some creations I came up with:

This is a romper I made and a little vest/shrug/bolero thing with pleats.

Below is a flowy maxi dress I made of jersey with some cool sheer appliques I cut out.



A skirt I made and me being a dork doing an action pose!

This is a purse I sewed out of a windbreaker. This is what I did with the hood and one of my friends bought it awhile ago! Awesome!

And here's a picture of my dog because I think he's cute and he always looks so guilty when I pull the camera out.

Soooo ... let me know in the comments if you have any specific things you like that you'd be interested in seeing me do a giveaway for. And let me know what you think of my sewing lately. And how has everyone been? I need to catch up on my google reader.


floreta said...

love that action shot and you look awesome in the dress!! the windbreaker purse is a neat idea! i am not very crafty but i had an idea which my friend executed awhile back.. she made me a purse from a button up/collar tshirt with an Operation (the 80s game) design on it in bright orange. it was cool :D

Jen - tsk said...

I love that skirt!!! You're so creative!! I do not gave an ounce of creativity in me,damn it!!

Andhari said...

You look lovely, love that shirt! For a giveaway maybe one of your clutches, please. The ones with chains. lol

Anonymous said...

that bolero kind of rocks my world lady

Mesha said...

A clutch is quite a great idea ;]
What you did to the windbreaker is pretty cool, but I loved that dress the best, it's pretty money. The appliques look fabulous.
Your dog is really cute and indeed very guilty-looking haha.
Hope you have a great week :D

SuzANNE said...

I adore your creativity. I wish I had the talent to make something when funds were low, alas, I work next to a Nordstroms. Self control. Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

How tall are you? You have really short legs...

Lily G. said...

Wow, I can't believe you made all these. They look great!

Stephanie said...

I swear your dog is a mini version of my Timmy!

Ugh, how I wish I had your abilities...

Sarahahaha said...

floreta - that sounds cool, i wanna see pictures!

jen - aww, thanks! i'm sure you are more creative than you think.

andhari - thank you very much (: i was thinking a clutch too.

graybird - thank you!

mesha - haha. thank you, i hope you have a great week too! <3

suzanne - god. nordstrom=the devil.

anonymous -haha. i am 5'9 obviously.

lily g. - thanks!

stephanie - i wanna see timmy!

Anonymous said...

the action shot with the skirt was a seller for me. Too bad for me your a skinny mini and something like that would never even pretend to fit me.

You've got style girl.

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