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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

While I was out ...

Last night I was busy sewing and didn't check my computer for awhile. Jeremy had left me some messages.

(2:42:34 PM) jeremy: Hi bun
Im at vid store
What u doing
(6:49:48 PM) jeremy: Hi bun, how r u?
(9:44:09 PM) jeremy: bun
(9:44:14 PM) jeremy: how come u not talking 2 me
(9:44:21 PM) jeremy: r u bored aand frustrated
(9:47:26 PM) jeremy: is it cuz i never paid u for that hello kitty merch i won off u on ebay
(9:49:44 PM) jeremy: is it coz i havent bought a house yet for us 2 live in
(9:56:25 PM) jeremy: is it coz i still have my msn picture containing a beard?
(10:01:43 PM) jeremy: ooooooooooooh wait is it coz i didnt come help u clean your room yet and now you have no room left on bed so you cant sleep and youre too tired to spell replies correctly which could be potentially embarrassing?
(10:15:33 PM) jeremy: is it because i didnt have michael jackson on a pony bring you a pony for christmas
(10:15:35 PM) jeremy: im sorry
(10:20:18 PM) jeremy: bun is it cuz i didnt get u an iphone
(10:20:25 PM) jeremy: that was bedazzled
(10:20:38 PM) jeremy: by herman li


Emy Augustus said...

tee hee heeeeee ain't jeremy the witty one.

ScoMan said...

Haha it reminds me of a conversation I had with someone once after they went to watch TV. Except I started talking to emoticons.

I'm very very lonely.

Anonymous said...

He's sassy.

I love it.

bard said...


It reminds me of a conversation that I once had with a girl on the phone who had fallen asleep, but I thought she was mad at something I had said!

Lily G. said...

haha, how cute is he?!

Tanya said...

LMAO! hilarious.

Anonymous said...

"that was bedazzled... by herman li" HAHAHAHAHA i seriously lost it at that.

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