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Monday, September 28, 2009

PPP! (Pube Poll Post)

Here are the results of the "What do you do with your pubic hair?" Poll:

au naturel: 7 (28%)
trim it evenly all over: 6 (24%)
trim and shape it: 8 (32%)
landing strip: 1 (4%)
completely bald: 2 (8%)
other (please explain): 1 (4%)

I have to say, this post made me self-conscious. I'm going to be open and tell you I picked "landing strip" which I thought was completely common, but it turns out, I'm the only one. I'd like to think this poll is somewhat skewed because both men and women were voting and I think the chances of dudes sporting the landing strip is even rarer.

I was comforted with this comment from the one voter who picked "other"

In regards to my grooming...I chose other. My grooming depends on various factors. Questions I ask myself when deciding the immediate future of my hair are:

1. How much time do I have to do this?
2. Am I getting laid in the near future?
3. Do I really want to look pre-pubescent?
4. Am I ready to deal with the itchy growing back stage?

That being said, I mostly go with trimmed and a natural shape, or completely bald with occasional visits to the other categories.

[Image courtesy of roissycoffeeshop.]

Is the landing strip really so two-thousand-and-late?? I don't care. I'm not changing my style.

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ScoMan said...

I think a guy sporting a landing strip would look... odd.

eQ said...

NO! I do that too, but I missed the poll, so I would have backed you up. Also, Look! I am your 69th follower. I was another persons 69th follower too. Must mean something....

Andhari said...

Umm urgh, I kinda prefer completely bald. More efficient that way LOL

Michael St. James said...

I like completely bald too and I think men should trim it evenly all over! Just my preference though! I think this topic is too personal for you to try to keep up with the! Thanks for sharing this funny post! Lovely blog!

Stephanie said...

Don't worry, I sometimes have the early 2000 look :D Actually, the style really depends on how energetic I'm feeling or how well I'm paying attention. I seem to lose interest, make mistakes and varies, I should've picked other.

ko0ty said...

That image is hilarious. I would've picked "completely bald." Can't live without my brazilian waxes.

Anonymous said...

X - Best one hands down. Though it depends on the personality. Someone like me definitely digs it!- talk about a conversation starter.- X marks the spot.

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