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Sunday, September 6, 2009

thrift store reads

Here are some pictures of some sweet books I've gotten recently at thrift stores/parking lot sales/etc. They combine my three fave H's: Heinous, horrible and hilarious. Actually some are just kinda cute (:

I've picked just a select sampling of images to share with you here on my blog. Check out my flickr for more.

1.) From Joe Kaufman's About the Big Sky About the High Hills About the Rich Earth ... And the Deep Sea


2.) Otto Otter for Safe Water coloring book


3.) AIDS Comic Book



4.) NBC Television's Concentration Puzzles from 1971. Can you solve the puzzle?


That AIDS one is especially ridiculous: Oh, that's just something white gay guys get. Isn't it?


I use condoms with my boyfriend as well as my tricks.

Uhhh... hmmm...

You can click on any images to see them bigger, btw. Hope you enjoyed!


ScoMan said...

I thought "Danger isn't cute" was going to be the quote of the day until I scrolled down to the Aids one. Great stuff =D

Now I'm off to the supermarket to pick up some vanilla yoghurt.. Yami right?

Stephanie said...

The otter is the first pic looks kinda pedophile-ish.

I think the air pic is pretty and I looked for a different type of yogurt, as in something other than Yoplait & no luck. Guess I need to look somewhere other than Kroger.

bard said...

"The whole kit 'n kaboodle"

"Hamburg Germany" ???

Lrc said...

great stuff...i like the fact that the otter is balding and yes that AIDS comic is very odd.

Sarahahaha said...

scoman - hahaha. i know right? i didn't even know people water ski being pulled by a truck driving by the bank of a river. definitely not cute! the aids comic book was a terrible and wonderful read.

stephanie - yeah, the otter does look kinda like a chester molester, doesn't he? it can be hard to find a wide selection of yogurts. yoplait seems to have monopolized the industry, which is too bad because it is nasty.

bard - you're right on the first one. the second one is actually heidelberg, germany. as in h + idol + berg. lol

lrc - i didn't even notice the fact that he's balding! no wonder he looks like such a creep. (:

bard said...

Yeah, well I knew that "hands" wasn't a great match for "ham", but I just couldn't justify wasting any more time on the damned thing! And besides, "Chair-money" isn't that great of a match for "Germany" either, so who was I to question their logic?

Anonymous said...

Totally LOVE the Concentration puzzles—thank you for posting! I am still amazed that you bought that at a thrift jealous! As you can tell, I'm a huge fan of Concentration. :) Do you have any additional pictures of the book available? I would love to see more. Thanks so much again!

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