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Friday, September 18, 2009


My family is my family so I don't usually think anything of it, but when I see other adoptee's family photos I am always like WAAAH! What's going on here???

That is, if they're Asian or you know, a vastly different ethnicity than the rest of the family.

A few weeks ago we had a family reunion of sorts with picnicking at the park and photo shoots. Hope you enjoy!


cropped bridge mit michael

You're probably gonna have to click and look at these larger to really see everyone.

We do this every 3 years. I'll try to scan some of the old pictures so you can see my grow up and the fam expanding and stuff.

BTW I totally propose that anyone who reads this posts some pictures up of their family portraits! Haha, and FYI ... today's awkward family photo is pretty great!


ScoMan said...

Unfortunately, my family don't do the family portrait stuff.. none of us are fans of the camera (surprised?) so I can't do the same in return.

Love your pics though, everyone looks so happy.

Andhari said...

Love your pictures! Every year we get our picture taken here too for the house's foyer or any other riddik places my mom can show all of us off lol.

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