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Saturday, September 5, 2009

woooh front page goodness

I was checking my google analytics and thought to myself "wtf? how did i get over 400 views yesterday?" Sadly, my average views range from the 30-50 range.

For my fellow etsians, I hope you are familiar with, a great resource for finding out stats about your etsy shop. You can search the vault by entering in your username and see if you've been featured on the front page.

Also, check out Etsy Front Pagers on Flickr which is a community who archives screenshots of all the etsy front pages. Here's the one I was featured in! The Kelly Green Pumps are mine:


ScoMan said...

Congrats on featuring on the front page. This is the second time now is it? Well, well done.

bard said...

Congrats on the feature!

And 30 - 50 views a MONTH would be pushing it for me.

Sarahahaha said...

scoman - thank you! it's actually the third (:

bard - thank you (: 30-50 a month really? have you tried any ads? sometimes i use

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