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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tonight I'm taking a much needed break from my Bejeweled Blitz marathon playing (I got 338,400!) to post some of my favorite videos as of lately:

VICTOR BORGE. Amazing, amazing comedian/pianist. I used to watch a VHS of some of his performances when I was a little kid and I just remember lying on the floor of the living room laughing my head off at this stuff. The first video is some of his piano jokes and the second one is him improvising a song that he'd never played before, but had heard once. He's so good! And his facial expressions are so great.

Also have been watching a lot of fashion shows and I love love Gareth Pugh. His S/S10 show was pretty amazing for me because one of my very favorite colors is gray and his palette for the season is pretty much all gray, I think.

And Run Lola Run:

To update y'all on what I've been doing, I'm planning on setting up my two etsy sites, and on a hot date and then naming their lovechild The official site is not up yet, but for a sneak peek, check out

It will be an awesome mix of all the things I sell, plus more. It's a new site with two times the rainbows, 67% more childrens' laughter and a 21% reduction of chirping birds. It's going to be amazing so bookmark and prepare to be blown away (:


ScoMan said...

The piano jokes made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

yesssssssssss excited for the new site b!!!

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