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Saturday, September 5, 2009

some cool things

I re-did the banner on my blog, what do you think?

Also, here are some cool things I found while trying to conquer my google reader which had 1000+ posts for me to catch up on. I gave up at around 400.

Hello Kitty Penis

USB Cassette MP3 Player

Yarn Skeleton & Viscera

Bacon Chicken Narwhal Recipe

Dexter Dining Room + other Dexter Commodities

Happy Weekend Everyone!


ScoMan said...

You know I love Dexter so I think the dining room is great. So is the skeleton thing.

The new banner is good too. Looks like it would have taken a while to make, and it was time well spent.

You did well to get through the 600 posts you made it through. Well done to you.

bard said...

All of them are great, but I absolutely must try that bacon chicken narwhal recipe.

Sarahahaha said...

scoman - thank you for your encouragement re: the google reader. lol the banner wasn't hard to make, but i thought it was time for a change. i was tired of the pink

bard - i know right! i also am going to try that chicken narwhal thing soon, i hope.

carly said...

the insanity. these are awesome.

Anonymous said...

I love the Dexter room.

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