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Thursday, September 3, 2009

and the winner is ....

So... the vlog thing didn't work out this time. Hopefully I can post a fun blog soon though to make up for it. However , using I determined the winner of the hello kitty giveaway is Mesha! Check out her awesome blog.

Congratulations to Mesha! DM me your mailing address on twitter or something so I can get your goodies sent to you!

I have lots of things to talk about since I haven't blogged in awhile. First of all I am planning a review/guide site with Michael. We'll be reviewing restaurants, stores, other points of interest and let me just say our website is going to be GOOD.

I did a review of six kinds of vanilla yogurt and will be posting that up soon with pictures, of course.

And I found some amazing boots at this crazy little mall in Tacoma called B&I. If you're not familiar, don't worry, it will be one of the establishments Michael and I review and we'll tell you all about it. Not sure what I'll wear 'em with but check out the pictures:



The lighting was dark, but they're a really pretty white manmade leather with antiqued gold/brass hardware. Amazing details. PEEP TOE. buckles. Straps. Zipper embellishments, cool stitching detail, inner zipper for easy on/off and a wonderful mix of textures including patent leather, regular leather and gold metallic. Maybe I'll do an outfit post once I figure out what I can wear with them.


Blueberry Shoes said...

those shoes are freakin amazing!

ScoMan said...

It sucks you couldn't get the vlog to work. I've heard of other people having trouble with videoes recently too.. do you have vista? All of them did. Maybe it's a vista thing.

Congrats to Mesha.

Those boots are great and I look forward to reading your reviews (of places I'll never go to.. but it's still nice to read about what's out there)

Sarahahaha said...

blueberryshoes - thank you! I love them!

scoman - i don't have vista, i'm still using xp. bleh, i dunno what the prob is but it's annoying. hopefully i'll get it fixed soon. and never say never!

Mesha said...

Yay I won :D Thanks so much Sara, this made my day and a needed it.
On another note, those boots are amazing ! I'm at that stage of life when I badly feel the need to stop being such a tomcat and want to wear my stilettos and pumps more often, but I haven't found the perfect shoes as of yet.
They look awesome and I'm sure you'll figure out what to wear them with, you've got such a great style and taste !

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