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Friday, July 10, 2009

Finally! Blog Giveaway #2!!

Okay, it's finally here! Sorry the prize is still pretty much geared toward my female readers but I won't discriminate against anyone who wants to enter the contest! (:

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I have made an awesome clutch to give away this time. It's a big one, but perfect for tucking under your arm in the evening. The dimensions of the clutch are about 11" wide by 4.5" tall.

It's made of a dark canvas with a brocade style print. Then there are lots of individually hand cut leaves of gray, yellow and metallic gold. They are made of felt and leather and sewn layer upon layer to create what I think is a pretty interesting textural pattern.

It wasn't "zazzy" enough yet so I added black faceted gems!

The inside features two large compartments for cash or whatever other "large" things you want to put in it. There are also six credit card slots that I made out of the same metallic gold leather that some of the leaves are made of (I scored it at a thrift store). A little leaf detail inside. Snap closure.

Want to know anything else? Just ask.

Okay, so you may have just asked "How do I enter this giveaway?" Well here are the deets!

You can enter in multiple ways for a total of 3 entries:

1) Simply comment on this post!

2) Go to either of my etsy shops:
and leave a comment on this post with what your favorite item(s) are.

3) Blog about my contest with A LINK TO MY BLOG + MY ETSY PAGE please:

You have until the end of Sunday, July 19 to get your entries in! I'll announce the winner on the 20th (hopefully in a vlog again!). If you're the winner, I'll contact you for your address and ship it off to you totes free!

Let me know if I have somehow left out any important details, otherwise good luck!


Louie said...

Love it, I'm totally entering this contest.

ScoMan said...

If I can think of a creative way to work this into a post, I will totally do it.

Emy Augustus said...

I love your clutches. Please let me win.

Emy Augustus said...

from Polygnome shop: I love the old and new necklace -
It's amazingness plus a five spot.

Jessica Pitt said...

I want this clutch!! Looks amazing! I also love the vintage black dress with the white bib -> the sleeves are cropped so cute...

Stephanie said...

Ok, I'll enter this one :) I'd have to say my fav is the Asian toddler shirt & yes, I'll link your post.

Sarahahaha said...

louie - you need to stop getting drunk and entering my contests (:

scoman - yes!

emy - thanks, consider yourself entered!

jessica - yeah! i almost kept that dress, i really like it. thanks for entering!

stephanie- yay thank you!

littlepapoose said...

here is me and my entry #1 hehe

littlepapoose said...

entry #2
my fav. thing, well.. i like the vintage black dresses in polygnome but i also like your little
selfportrait with octopus card.. :)

Ashley said...

That clutch is gorgeous, I'd love to win it! What a great giveaway, you are so talented!


littlepapoose said...

entry #3.. i blogged about you !!

yay for giveaways!!
love the purse!! *crosses fingers* ;) hehe

Ashley said...

Oh and from your etsy store, Polygnome, I really love the vintage 80s black leather jacket and the Engrish T-Shirt Clutch!


Larissa Wardrip said...

I absolutely adore your clutches!! I need in so badly!!

Larissa Wardrip said...

Omgoodness! There is so much that I want from your shop! I reaaallly want the English tshirt clutch, Yacht club clutch, nerd girl ring and the nautical pumps of course!! I need all of it soo bad!! =)

Larissa Wardrip said...

Here is the blog I posted about your giveaway and to your Etsy! Http:// Thanks Sarah!!

Aik said...

What a beautiful clutch!

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Please. Please. Please.

Mesha said...

Yay giveaway :DD
I'm so excited about this :'D
And SO took my time to comment haha

Mesha said...

My fav item from your Sarahahaha shop is the Self Portrait Octopet & girl card. It's SO cute and really does resemble you ♥
And the fav from polygnome is the 80's black leather jacket ! I've ALWAYS wanted to own a black leather jacket ! That one's SO perfect :'D

Nina said...

This is so pretty! I could use that clutch right now!

irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

Nina said...

My fave from your shop is the Vintage Little Black Dress Deep V Back with Bow!

Anonymous said...

Awesome give away! I love your engrish tshirt clutch and you panada bear aprons! I'll post this on my blog!

Paige said...

I LOVE this clutch! Please enter me into the contest.

Paige said...

I visited both of your Etsy shops. The little baby girl sailing dress would be adorable on my baby girl. (I might just have to buy it.) And I also really like the asian mouse doll with mini teddy bear.

Cute stuff. I will definitely visit your shop again.

Blueberry Shoes said...

hey girl, im obsessed with the clutch so if i win it i might pee my pants.

my favourite item in your shop is the
"Glamazing yogurt clutch with kawaii jewels"-its PERFECTION!

hugs and love

Sarahahaha said...

Thank you everyone for your entries so far! Keep them coming and spread the word! Good luck <3

carly said...

i love the clutch!

i would have to say that my favourite item would be the white bow purse.
so cute.
but classy.

Diana said...

i'm gonna pass but i have to say it's super cute! i tweeted this for you! i'm waiting for that tampon kawaii one, hehe!

Naomi Rose said...

omg gorgeous!

miriam said...

wow, your work is amazing!

Catherine said...

I want! Hope I win!

BanNormality said...

I stumbled upon your etsy shop today and fell in love with everything!!! I'm going to be buying something there in the near futre. Oh and before I forget, I would love to enter this contest.

Blueberry Shoes said...

im entering again! not sure if this will make a difference but i REALLY hope i win this!

talkproof said...

Love the attention to detail, the closure is perfect too!

Anonymous said...

Count me in! Super cute clutch!!

Missy B. said...

I love love love it! LOVE IT! Pick me, lol!

Missy B. said... This is my fav! I love it...your shop rocks!

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