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Thursday, July 9, 2009


I'm aware it's July but I'm already anxious for it to be fall. When I was little I think the highlight of my summers was back to school shopping. My parents never had a lot of money so I usually had a pretty tight budget, but the planning was even fun for me. My mom would make me do an inventory of all the clothes I had to determine what new clothes I'd need. I think I enjoyed shopping for school supplies (i.e. pencils, paper, binders, eraser, etc. even more than clothes actually). I'm smarter than that now. But shopping in general is one of my most favorite activities ever.

Well this fall I have no school to go back to, and no money to spend anyway, but just looking at new clothes kinda gives me a metaphorical boner. Also, I was thinking about the fact that I have a decent amount of clothes and since I stopped growing a long time ago my clothes from last fall still fit me. So what would I need? I thought about what I have already as far as boots go: two pairs of black leather knee high boots (one pair of laceups, one pair zip-up-the-backs) one pair of mid calf black patent boots, a pair of mid calf white patent leather boots, a pair of purple suede ankle boots and a pair of brown faux suede knee high boots. Oh and a pair of light gray leather cowboy boots. Soo ... I think the obvious answer is gray suede thigh high boots. Right?

Anyway, here are some things I've seen while online window shopping that made me cream my jeans [most pictures are clickable]:

Okay, this is embarrassing. And it doesn't even really make me cream my jeans--it's actually kinda frumpy. But I'm sorry, I reeeally like. It's a jacket inspired by the jacket Bella wears in Twilight. But it looks like such a perfect fall jacket! No wonder she wore it in Forks, it's perfect for drizzly Washington weather.

All right, a Thriller jacket. So cute! And I don't have a leather jacket right now, so it would fill a definite wardrobe NEED.

These Max Studio Xena open toed open heeled stiletto booties are hot! I love them.

This racoon fur stole looks so cuzzly! It makes me a little sad because raccoons are really cute, but since it's vintage, no new raccoons would be dying for me. is one of my favorite online clothing stores. There are always tons of cute things there, both new and vintage.

Strappy booties in my favorite shade of suede!

Ugh. These heinous dominatrix bling Mary Janes are doing it for me. They also kind disgust me. That's how you really know whether or not something's good!

I know this shirt is stupid and I don't even wear crew neck shirts, but I love Gossip Girl! What can I say? And although in my heart I think I would like Serena better, I would like to be Blair more.

A fun umbrella (comes in 5 other colors)!

All right. Time to do stuff. I may be making clothes for an online store tentatively planned to debut for fall. We'll see!


Lily G. said...

These are great finds! That umbrella is hilarious, and I'm a sucker for Gossip Girl as well.

Sarahahaha said...

Lily - Have you read the books? I haven't actually watched the last season, but I looove the books!

Christyrenee said...

I love that Twilight jacket! They have it at LuLu's and there is a discount ;)

Melissa said...

Yeah, I love fall clothes. Summer is not really my season, hot weather, sticky skin and bright freckle making sun. Great finds...I really want the umbrella

R.C. said...

OMG... I am swooning for the open toe bootie sandals!!! Love that umbrella and the fur stole... sooooo beautiful! I am totally going to snatch up as many of those ankle boots with open toes that I can.... *drool*

Sarahahaha said...

christyrenee- lulu's you say??

melissa - aww, i love that the sun gives me freckles in the summer. but summer clothes are kinda lame. i like leather and wool and the color black. the textures of fall are so much lovelier! and i know, the umbrella is adorbz, isn't it?

rc - (: yes, i have been wanting a pair of strappy bootie/sandals like those for so long! perhaps this fall!

ScoMan said...

Metaphorical boner? Love it!

Creaming of jeans? Love it!

Thriller jacket? Love it!

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