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Thursday, July 30, 2009


I keep watching this over and over again.

Today is only supposed to be 84 degrees. Hooray! I thought about celebrating with a cup of hot cocoa or something. I saw a psychiatrist today (the second time I've seen a psychiatrist [or possibly third?]). More about that later.

I think I may go wash my car now.


Irene said...

this video is mesmerizing. wow. just wow.

Lily G. said...

wow, how cool. So relaxing.

Andhari said...

The video spoils my eyes. I like the colors :)

ps. 84? That is so Jakarta weather! Enjoy :)

Justin said...

wow, thanks. i hadn't seen this video before, but it's beautiful with the music.

ScoMan said...

I love the video. It is the sort you can watch over and over again because there is so much happening.. and yet not too much to confuse you. It was beautiful.

And your idea of celebrating an 84 degree day with a hot cocoa made me laugh.

KAELA said...

holy shit!

pinkie said...

wow. i love that video. I just watched it and linked it to all of my friends. hehe, thanks!

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