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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Introduction to Home Economics


Today I went to a thrift store and picked up a book called "Clothing Construction and Wardrobe Planning" by Dora S. Lewis, Mabel Goode Bowers and Marietta Kettunen. It was published by the Macmillan Company in 1960 and it appeared to be a textbook on basic clothing construction.

I bought it because I like to sew and wanted to learn more about clothing construction. What I'm finding is that it's educating me on all sorts of things I hadn't even expected!


An excerpt from the preface reads: Every girl wants to be attractive. In this book we have capitalized on this motivation to help girls develop skills of lasting value to themselves and to their families ... A girl should understand the clothing needs of the entire family--not only now while she is a member of a family group but later, when she must plan for a family of her own.

Uhh ... Amazingly terrible!

It continues: Because the attention span of high-school girls is short, every unnecessary step is omitted; yet because their skills is limited, every possible aid is provided.

"Good posture is a habit which is free."



The first chapter explains "that a good posture is the key to charm and beauty" and describes how you should stand, how to walk and how to sit. The book goes on to talk about the importance of a good night's rest! It pretty much tells you if you stay up late reading a good book, you'll wake up ugly.

I've only begun chapter two, but already I'm learning about deodorants. "Most people have to use some type of underarm deodorant. You cannot be sure that you are completely dainty and inoffensive unless you do."

This book is so good. Will keep you updated as I read on!


Anonymous said...

this is amazing. i am totally the girl who is NOT sitting pretty

Andhari said...

manners manners manners, this will save up a lot of all those personality courses.

Mesha said...

I want that book ):
Lol. Seriously xD

ScoMan said...

Oh damn. I always stay up late reading and my posture is terrible. Now I'll never find a prince!

bard said...

Love it!

Just Add Walter said...

what a funny book! great find!

CallMeDorothy said...

I just found your blog from 20sb. I love it! I love your etsy shop too..i will definitely be buying from you sometime in the near future! That old money clutch is AMAZING! I will be checking back to your blog and shop often :)

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