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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


One of my fave color combinations!

If I was a dude, I'd dress like such a douchebag.

Polyvore is so much fun! It's like playing dress up without having body images issues because you're not actually trying things on. But you get to make outfits and shop by color or brand or category of items. So it's not quite as fun as real shopping, but it's pretty cool as far as internet window shopping goes.

So in an effort to try to climb out of this sinkhole they call "major depressive disorder" and I call "life" I started taking my anti-depressants again (last night). So I didn't fall asleep until about 9 this morning and then slept til 3:45 this afternoon. But I'm also going to start having a goal for every day. A tiny, completely reasonably accomplishable goal. Today's goal is to do laundry. So I'm going to go start that.

Or maybe put it off for a bit longer ... Ha!


Just Add Walter said...

love black and yellow too... so classic

Lily G. said...
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Lily G. said...

ooo, I love the yellow and the gray!

ScoMan said...

I own a shirt like that middle one in the guy section! Are you calling me a douchebag?!

Two of my brothers are on anti depressants. Sometimes I wonder if I should be too, but like you, I just call it "life"


Great selection! I agree-fab combo...But again love any color with grey...especially red for me!

Andhari said...

I love polyvore and your sets. Great pick on the Louboutin shoes :)

ko0ty said...

Love the yellow in the outfit. I love Polyvore too.. it's not only fun to create outfits but to find things.

Sarahahaha said...

scoman - no, i'm sure you're not douchebaggy, and you prob don't even dress like a douchebag. there is nothing wrong with that shirt! but if you had, say, the outfit on the right including the balenciaga boots and wore it with a fedora, then maybe.

thanks andhari (: louboutins <3 i will have them somedayY

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