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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wolverine leaked, Watchmen=meh, excited for Star Trek

So, apparently the new "X Men Origins: Wolverine" which doesn't come out until May 1 has been leaked. It's a big deal and Fox is panicking and bla bla bla. Maybe it will hurt the box office, but I'm pretty sure fans of the X Men series are still going to see it regardless of if they previewed a pirated incomplete version of it at home. It's fun seeing movies in theaters. It's just not the same at home. Unless you have a giant ass screening room. Then I guess it might be more fun at home.

What do you guys think about pirated movies/music/other media?

Last night, one of my friends convinced me to get out of the house, which was a good thing. We went to see "Watchmen" last night. We were the only people in the theater. I've never had that happen before, and honestly I was a bit bummed out it wasn't a date that I could've made out with, because the movie was long. Really, really long. I wasn't familiar with the storyline and therefore can't really criticize how close the movie stuck with the original, but it was kind of "meh." The second Silk Spectre who I kept thinking looked like Xena (yeah, the warrior princess) was sexy though. Malin Ã…kerman wears latex very well. And doesn't she kind of look like Xena???

And I got to see the Star Trek trailer. I am a bit out of touch with pop culture, so I didn't even know this was in the making til I saw the trailer, but it looks pretty good:

Yeah, I'm kind of a nerd.

oh, and to finish nerding out, you may enjoy knowing that I am now going to watch Highlander on hulu. Hope y'all are doing something cooler on your Friday nights than I am! Haha (:


Jen - The Secret Keeper said...

I love that your a cute nerd though!! It's an unusual combination hehe x

oniomania said...

xena... yes... that is exactly what my partner and i said at the movies. kind of funny because we said it at the same time. she was hot and had a normal body size which was even hotter.

i hate the fact that wolverine leaked. xmen fans like myself will wait for the big screen...

Melissa said...

Ohh I can't wait to see Wolverine,as a kid I always had a thing for him-not much has changed. Only now it's the sexy Huge Jackmen as wolverine and not a cartoon.
I saw Watchmen about a week ago,OMG, it was long!
I'm a nerd as well, but it's not a bad thing!

Sarahahaha said...

Jen - aww, thank you very much (:

oniomania - normal body size? what do you mean?

Melissa - My favorite X-Man was always Gambit but I think only in comic book and cartoon format, because that character is just way too ridiculous to be translated into a real human being without toning down all the stuff that makes him so sexy. Watchmen was like 3 days long! I thought it would never end!

ScoMan said...

Regardless of what you say, I still want to see Watchmen when it comes out here! (Yes, I am behind the times)

And I've found a nice movie theatre, about an hour from here, and if I go to a movie first screening on a Sunday morning (it's okay, I have no social life, I wasnt out on Saturday night) about two or three weeks after release the cinema is always empty.

Except once when there was a family (dad and a girl, probably 10 and a boy about 7) there, and because I was the only one there the dad thought it was okay to talk rigt through. It was the Amityville Horror. Seen it? Doesn't matter, you can gather from the title it's not child appropriate.

Anyway, all through the movie the dad was going "You would think with special effects these days they could make this look better, but there was heaps more blood in the first one", so I didn't mind his talking to much. It was kind of funny.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Yey...I just saw the movie. I watched it on It was pretty good except it was the raw version. tsk tsk... Have you seen Fast and the Furious already?

Gwen B. (aka skinny bitch) said...

I am def going to see the new X-men movie. I have been waiting for it since Thanksgiving!

I download and stream pirated movies and my dad is one of those people that makes them, since he is a super computer nerd at his job, so ....yeahh. I don't have a strong opinion about it though. I guess it is wrong, but it's there and people do it.

Lucas said...

I've gotta agree that Watchmen wasn't a great movie. The graphic novel was way more fun. I think they tried to translate it too literally to film, and it just didn't work very well. The guy that played Rorschach was pretty spot-on, though. I'm also pretty damn excited for Star Trek, even if it's missing the magic touch of Shatner.

Sarahahaha said...

scoman - haha, that's cute. going to see a movie on a sunday morning. i don't like horror movies so i didn't see that movie, but that sounds like tacky parenting right there.

chinkygirl - i haven't seen the fast and the furious yet, no. but i did see the snl version "the fast and the bi-curious" lolz

gwen - that's cool that your dad is a nerd! mine is too, but he's way christian/overly ethical. wah-wah.

lucas! (: haha "magic touch of shatner"

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