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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

tan hong ming is a lady killer

Ugh. This video made my cold black heart melt.

Still trying to get my layout worked out.

My neighbor has been using a saw or some other kind of loud powertool all day and it's getting annoying.


ScoMan said...

Poor kid didn't want the whole world to know and you posted it on your blog.. now the whole world knows.

Cute though, made me smile.

Sarahahaha said...

he didn't want the world to know because he thought she didn't like him back. but she calls him her boyfriend! tan hong ming surely wants the whole world to know that!

Just Add Walter said...

I love him!!

Stephanie said...

I love his huge teeth. What an adorable kid! What's this from?

Sarahahaha said...

hahaha. his teeth are huge, aren't they? stephanie, one of my friends posted it on facebook. i guess it's a commercial.

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