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Thursday, April 2, 2009

"I bang the worst dudes"

There are so many great sites that I would like to contribute my life experiences to. has always been a fun one. I recently found and yesterday I discovered I bang the worst dudes (sorry, Mom).

The other day I was telling a friend from high school about this guy I went on a couple dates with (years ago). After hanging out a couple times, I was feeling pretty lukewarm about it all and told him I wasn't interested in dating him exclusively. He proceeded to threaten to hit me. Too bad we worked at the same place--work was a bit awkward after that. Anyway, I didn't even bang that dude and he reacted that badly.

My friend told me about his most recent date which gave me a good laugh. Maybe you'll think it's funny too (I didn't tell him I am putting this in my blog so hopefully he never finds out), "Another shining moment was my most recent date which ended in the "bro hug." If you are unfamiliar, the "bro hug" is where you hold their hand, pull them in and give them some pats on the back with the free hand."

I told him I didn't believe it, but he swore it was true.

p.s. I've been listening to Stephen Colbert's "I Am American and So Can You" and I fully agree with this little bit: Chivalry never goes out of style, guys. Open doors, pull out chairs, offer to undo your own belt.


insomniaclolita said...

EW. That guy at work sounds like a real nightmare. I'd totally be bitchy or smack him for even saying that, seriously.

ps. fully agree on chivalry never goes out of style, always love to be treated like a princess :p

Melissa said...

What a real douche!
Yes, Chivarly is always in style.

Stephanie said...

Threatened? Weird.

Stephanie said...

You got me hooked of I'm off to check the bangingworstdudes

Gwen B. (aka skinny bitch) said...

I found "fuck my life" a while back and I think it is hilarious too! Ever need to brighten your day, just read some post. I don't know how true most are, but still funny.

ScoMan said...

There's nothing like a bro hug when it comes to romance.

Sarahahaha said...

insomniaclolita, melissa - Yeah that guy was super sketch. Workplace drama is ridiculous. I hate when it's my own.

stephanie - i'm so glad i could introduce you to some new sites. lol they're good for wastin' time (:

gwen - it's so good, isn't it? i don't really care if they're true or not. if they're made up, people are at least creative.

scoman - i know right? nothing says sexual attraction like a big ol' bro hug!

Stephanie said...

And, waste a lot of time is what I do! I checked out the new site and I wish they'd take the bars off of the faces. I wonder how some of those relationships (?) lasted as long as they did. Cute site.

Ida said...

"Fmylife" and "I bang the worst dudes" are two of my favorite sites!

Lol at the bro-hug! I'm and awkward huger myself. I accidentally head butted my grandma once as I was going in for a hug :(

E-Money said...

Hahaha I love that site, I bang the worst dudes. The bro-hug is amazing. As is the bro-strap (that thin beard guys grow along their jawline). Just another fun piece of bro-ness for you!

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