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Thursday, April 16, 2009

survey says.

As I get older I'm realizing my taste in guys is getting broader. In all aspects, including age. Maybe I'm just getting desperate.

The other day my grandma called me to ask if I'd help her run some errands. While we were at the grocery store I passed this cute boy who waved at me and said "Hello." He had a really cute smile and for a second I had that awful insecure feeling where you think Oh crap! What if he was just smiling at me as a joke or out of pity? You know, the kind of insane insecurity that you have in middle school or high school. Or maybe that was just me. lol. Mostly I'm more confident than that, but not always. Slightly flustered, I smiled back and said "hi." But then when I got home and thought about it and I realized he's probably in high school. And then I felt kinda pervy. I hope he was 18 at least.

Here were the poll results for how many people you've boned. My vote was in the 11-25 range.

1-5 partners: 6 votes (40%)
6-10 partners: 2 votes (13%)
11-25 partners: 3 votes (20%)
26-50 partners: 2 votes (13%)
50+ partners: 1 vote(6%)
I'm still pure!: 1 vote (6%)

I've got nothing for the next poll. Any ideas? Please comment them.

I have been sewing a ridiculous watermelon clutch and watching season 2 of Flight of the Conchords. This is the funniest thing ever to me:


insomniaclolita said...

Why did you think he's still in high school? I mean from what he lookslike or something?

You're not desperate duh. Too picky maybe.:P But why shouldn't you?You're pretty :)

Stephanie said...

The grocery store boy story cracked me up!

Anonymous said...

I was one of the categories that only got one vote (50+ or Pure). I'm either promiscious or a prude. Ponder on that. ;)

ScoMan said...

I love Flight of the Conchords! We don't have series two here yet so I didn't watch the video. I'll wait til it hits our screens.

I can't think of a good survey topic for you. Sorry.

Sarahahaha said...

insomniaclolita - I figured he was in high school because it was shortly after school lets out and he was with a group of friends. They just all seemed kinda young.

Stephanie - I'm glad you got a laugh out of it. I guess my life is good for something after all (;

Just Playing Pretend - Haha. Aww, I don't like either of those words. "Prude" or "promiscuous." They sound so negative!

ScoMan - Season two is good! That clip is the funneist thing I've ever seen, but there are tons of gem-like moments throughout!

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