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Monday, August 3, 2009

trick wallets. poll results

In my previous blog I said I'd talk about the results of the poll about employment. Here's the breakdown:

Hate it so much, I'm constantly looking for something else or an excuse to quit.
0 (0%)

It's not fun, but I don't have any plans to leave.
2 (14%)

It's not bad, I shouldn't complain but I do.
1 (7%)

It's good.
0 (0%)

I love my job!
3 (21%)

Unemployed/Self Employed/Other
8 (57%)

What gets me though, is that the highest section of the poll is the unemployed/self employed/other category. which is obviously a bit vague. This is where I fit. But I never feel like I fit in. Are there really others of you like me? WHERE ARE YOU?! I need to know.

I don't want to attempt to make much sense right now, i just took my ambien and only have a few more minutes til total passing out. but! i wanted to show you some new crafty things I've been doing (:

Trick Wallet


Trick Wallet from Polygnome on Vimeo


ScoMan said...

What the?

The wallet has me tricked.

Andhari said...

Umm I may be slow, but how does the wallet work?

Sarahahaha said...

It's magic, guys!

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