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Friday, August 7, 2009

Not to scare you, but there's a bee on your penis.

Michael and Adam semi unexpectedly dropped by on Wednesday. It was a good day filled with Mexican food, going to the park and pantsless river wading, pictures, ridiculously strong drinks at a gay bar in Olympia, the Oyster House and general Centralia sightseeing.

Quote of the day was "Not to scare you, but there's a bee on your penis."

Me and Adam. The blood was rushing to Adam's head.

Here are some videos. The best fight scene ever. lol

Absolutely ridiculous Major Lazer video for "Pon de Floor" (NSFW)

A cute and silly video about a cat and its owner.


ScoMan said...

Simon's cat always makes me laugh. Anyone who's had a cat can relate.

If I had a bee on my penis, I would be terrified.

Sarahahaha said...

scoman - i don't even have a cat, but i loved that cartoon. my dog does similar things sometimes (: and hahahaha yeah, bees on penises are no good.

Andhari said...

Bee on the penis sounds really painful. Hahaha, would like to watch a guy get attacked by bees that way.

KAELA said...

Fun photo! .. and I laughed at your quote of the day :)

Just Add Walter said...

haha... that is a funny quote

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