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Friday, August 21, 2009

3 things

1.) Have you entered my Hello Kitty Giveaway yet? If not, go here! I'm giving away HK for MAC nail polish, a cute little HK notebook and a cute HK ruler!

2.) Here are a couple sweet Michael Jackson remixes I stumbled on today:

a. dj zeus

b. Never Can Say Goodbye rmx by the Neptunes.

3. Here are some recent additions to my etsy shop

Vintage 80s Hollywood Barbie Lunchbox

Pink Geometric Magic Wallet

I hope everyone has a good weekend!


Andhari said...

I have similar kind of lunchbox, back from my kindergarten time! All Disney characters as well lol good old times!

Sarahahaha said...

aww you were such a cute little girl i bet! i love stuff that takes me back (:

Stephanie said...

How'd you get your hands on that lunch box? I'd really love to find one of those old Barbie costumes. You know, they kind with the plastic bag like thing for the body and past mask?

Louise said...

I love your mix of vintage and customised style! Lunchbox-wise, I must admit that I had a blue "Thomas the Tank Engine" one (did you get that in America?) and would have dearly loved something a little more girly...

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