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Friday, August 14, 2009

cute video + noriko's dinner table

a cute little short film/love story i happened upon today.

And going in a totally different direction ...

Last night I watched Noriko's Dinner Table. It's sort of a sequel sort of a prequel to Suicide Club/Circle. I liked Suicide Club, but it was maybe a little too fucked up for my taste. Despite the gore being over the top almost funny and really unrealistic, it grossed me out and was hard to watch a lot of the parts.

However, Noriko's Dinner Table was a lot less gory and a lot more touching. I liked it a lot. I think it more obviously illustrates the theme of being connected to yourself and to other people (specifically in an age where technological communication ironically disconnects people), but I think they're both about that. And both about alienated youth bla bla bla. Suicide Club left me feeling mostly confused. The trailer isn't very good, but it gives you a little preview of it. Has anyone else seen either Suicide Club or Noriko's Dinner Table.

And the trailer for Suicide Club if you haven't seen the movie yet:


Andhari said...

I'm too afraid to watch the trailers, are they creepy? Or are they slasher movies?

Sarahahaha said...

andhari - umm, the second one (suicide club) is kinda creepy, but not too bad. i don't think the first one is creepy at all.

Justin said...

hmm, i've seen suicide club, and my girlfriend definitely thought it was a little too much... but maybe we'll try the noriko's dinner table movie

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