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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How do you pronounce "hanger?"

1. a. any support, such as a hook, strap, peg, or loop, on or by which something may be hung
b. See coat hanger
2. a. a person who hangs something
b. (in combination) paperhanger
3. (Engineering / Automotive Engineering) a bracket designed to attach one part of a mechanical structure to another, such as the one that attaches the spring shackle of a motor car to the chassis
4. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Forestry) a wood on a steep hillside, characteristically beech growing on chalk in southern England
5. (Military / Arms & Armour (excluding Firearms))
a. a loop or strap on a sword belt from which a short sword or dagger was hung
b. the weapon itself

Do you pronounce this word with a soft "ng" sound? Or do you pronounce it with a hard g?

Does "singer" rhyme with "finger?" It's an important question that has been plaguing this household. Please vote on the poll which uses the example does"hanger" rhyme perfectly with "anger?" to help settle this conflict.


carly said...

HAHA. the poll makes me feel like i'm pronoucing it wrong... it does rhyme perfectly with ANGER

Steph said...

yeah, anger. you're funny.

Melissa said...

I say it Hang-er...

Polygnome said...

me too melissa. you others are crazy.

Anonymous said...

i really had to think about it and say it out loud a few times, but i say them differently. it's slight, but different.

ScoMan said...

Being Australian I pronounce it with an A on the end, but pronounce the G as well. "Hanga".. like "Sanga" or "Ranga".. but nothing like anger.

And singer doesn't rhyme with finger.

Jen -tsk said...

I'm definitely a hang-er girl! X

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