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Friday, December 4, 2009

Etsy Shop Feature #1: SparkleRocks

I've decided to do a series of interview posts featuring some awesome online stores that some of my friends run. The first one is SparkleRocks owned and operated by my dear friend Amy who makes the most amazing colorful and kawaii accessories.

I sent her a few Q's and here are her A's:

How did you come up with the name for your shop?

I was in Texas at the time I thunk it up, but I remember it sort of spawning off of my YouTube username which is SparkleRock7. I have always really loved the word "Sparkle" and music is the blood that flows through my creative veins, so Sparkle Rock is naturally fitting. I'm definitely a rock n' roll girl, just a little more colorful than what you're probably used to. To apply it to my jewelry would be appropriate since jewels are sparkly and I'm obsessed with all things encrusted in jewels or sparkles, so, SparkleRocks. :) I also really enjoy Pop Rocks the candy, so a few of my other usernames, like Twitter is SparklePopRocks. It all sort of has the same thread of sparkles, rocks, and poppy, fun, bright things :)

The Gift of Sweetness - A Miniature Box of Birthday Cookies Ring. Yes, this is a ring Amy made! I love it.

Where do you find such cute little cabs and charms to make your jewelry?

Well actually, my favorite seller on Etsy EVER is PinkHelloKitty who runs Gingerbread Jewelry. I have always idolized her and her work, and eventually I became friends with her, and now we send each other huge care packages full of supplies and goodies as trades. So, I get a lot of my nifty, kawaii pieces from her, but if I chose to buy them, I'd buy from MimiLoLo on Etsy.

Where do you take your inspiration from for your creations?

Music. Completely music. I am actually working on completely revamping my store and style right now, for years it's been kawaii and cute girly things, but I'm leaning now more towards grown up sparkles that are eye popping and statement pieces. I can't wait to see how it turns out. My inspiration comes from my love of music like The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, Santogold, MIA, Lady Gaga and from some of my favorite visual artists like Natalia Fabia and Jessica Louise. It will be an interesting mix of grown up, colorful goth. :D

Tell me about an item you loved too much to put in your store and kept:

Oh goodness, where do I start? My most recent example of this would be this absolutely fascinating (pun completely intended) Cameo/feather fascinator hair pin I just made. It's absolutely lovely, it's on a silver bobbypin blank, and has a sprawl of rainbow feathers with a vintage black and white cameo as it's center. I'm tempted to add some AB Crystals on the feathers, we shall see. :)

New Love Galaxy - Collage Necklace

Who do you think your target demographic is?

With the items currently in my shop, I'd say colorful, explorative and funky teenage girls who want to step outside the box a little bit and show off their love for kawaii. My new items I think will be aimed more toward and independent, intelligent and glamorous young 20's through late 30's woman. Hopefully. :)

What's your favorite item in your store right now, and why?

I'd have to say the Hello Kitty Sunset Party Charm Bracelet. It's absolutely stunning in person and absolutely fun to wear. The pink chain really sets it apart from my other bracelets. The charm bracelets have seemed to do me really well, I might open up a little shop on the side to sell some chunky kawaii charm bracelets...Gotta get rid of all my supply somehow!

Check out Amy's store at and maybe you'll find a Christmas gift for someone you know, or for yourself.


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