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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Etsy Art

Just went through all my favorites and picked some pieces I thought you might like to see. Of particular interest to me was restlessthings. Her shop is filled with all kinds of weird cool pieces. Sigh and Groan (see: owl with three boobs)is also one of my favorite artists on etsy and it was very hard to pick just one piece from her collection for this feature.

a) "Yellow Ten Speed Road Bike" - Limited Edition Art Print by HillarieTasche. From Series 14 Bicycles.
b) "The Lion and the Lamb Driving a Motorcycle" Art Print by lulunjay
c) Would you like a shower of red color today, Miss? Art Print by vantiani

a)I'm Okay God doesn't make junk II by pinkbeatrice
b)scarf bunnies gocco print by argylewhale
c) Chewbacca Calavera Limited Edition Gocco Serigraph by MisNopalesArt

a) Human Nude by LivaRutmane
b) Sitting Pretty by SighandGroan
c) you can't always be friendly, there just isn't the time... by restlessthings

Who are you favorite artists?


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